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Manual probe station application AC

Release time:2020-08-27Source: SEMISHARE

The year 2020 has come, and the New Year is coming. Recently, I have received many inquiries from friends about the application of the moving probe station. Then I will collect and sort out the basic information of the manual probe station for your reference. If there is something wrong, please correct it.

01. Main USES of manual probe station:

Probe stations are commonly used in semiconductor industry, optical industry, integrated circuit chips and their packages. Widely used in multifarious, high-speed components of high precision electrical measurement product development, committed to ensure quality and performance, and reduce product development time and components production and manufacturing process costs.

Is the applicable scope of the manual probe station for electric parameters test of IC chip provided a test platform, probe station integrated IC, can adsorption various specifications and provide several adjustable needle detection and its probe, interaction testing instrument for integrated circuit chips working voltage, current, resistance and capacitance of monitoring parameters, such as working voltage characteristic curve. It is suitable for scientific research analysis, sampling inspection and testing of integrated IC.
Application field of manual probe station:
   Failure analysis of IC chip
 Wafer level reliability
Wafer performance certification
Plastic process testing (Material property analysis)
Made from monitoring
IC packaging link wire quality inspection
Characteristic detection of LIQUID crystal panel
PC motherboard electrical testing
 ESD&TDR testing
 Microwave probing
Solar industry monitoring and analysis
  LED OLED LCD industry monitoring and analysis
  02. Usage of manual probe table:
  1.Load the sample into the vacuum chuck and open the vacuum valve switch, so that the sample can be safely and securely absorbed onto the chuck.
  2.Using the chuck X /Y control knob to move the chuck platform, see the samples clearly under the focus of the microscope low-power objective lens.
  3.The X /Y axis control knob of the chuck was used to move the test point of the sample to the microscope.
  4.The microscope is converted into a high-power objective lens, and the measurement points are searched under a large power. Then the focus of the microscope and the sample X-Y are adjusted to make the image clearly adjusted, with the measurement points in the center of the field of view of the microscope.
  5.After being measurement point parts to determine the good, to adjust the probe more parts, to install a probe to eye view to probe into the close to the edge of the part of the measuring point, to use the probe more X - Y - Z three adjustment knobs, gradually will probe into the measurement point, the position should be careful, slow, prevent hurt integrated IC position is too large, when the probe tip needle air suspended in the air to be measured points, should be used Y knobs to probe a little back, again using the Z axis knobs for the needle, use the X knobs up eventually, observing whether have a few scratches, confirm whether has been touched.
  6.After ensuring good contact between the needle and the measured point, the detection can be started according to the connected detection equipment. Troubleshooting common problems.
  You may encounter some problems when using this instrument. The following table lists the common failures and solutions.
  Manual probe station technical parameters.
  03: manual probe station maintenance and maintenance
  1. Prevention of collision: During installation and actual operation of manual probe table, the body shall be placed in a smooth way and shall not be tilted or inverted to prevent the equipment from malfunction or abnormal abnormal sound.
  2.Instrument and equipment delivery: When transporting the instrument and equipment, please unplug the power cord first.

Equipment shall be transported in professional packing cases to prevent any moving parts from touching the probe stand.
  3.Storage of instruments and equipment
  After use, it is necessary to keep clean and blow dry the dust as much as possible, so as to prevent dust from contaminate the high-precision mechanical equipment components, electronic optical components and thermal contact surfaces, resulting in reduced precision of instruments and equipment.
When cleaning the body of the probe table, prevent direct water cleaning, wipe gently with a dust-free cloth and blow dry. Do not touch the device with a hard block in case of malfunction or risk.
  To clean the electronic optical components of the probe stand, gently wipe the lens with lens paper dipped in anhydrous alcohol from the center outwardly. When anhydrous alcohol is flammable, pay attention to safety.
  In case of power failure or long term use, please unplug the power cord to maintain the service life of the equipment.
  In order to ensure the accuracy of data and the normal use of instruments and equipment, practical operators must strictly follow the instructions.
  4. Work environment
  The probe table should be placed on a stable and reliable table surface, which can be a work table with seismic equipment, so as to prevent it from being used in the natural environment of high temperature, wet and cold, violent vibration, direct solar irradiation and more dust.
Suitable temperature range is 5℃ ~ 40℃, suitable ambient humidity is 40% ~ 85%, if the ambient humidity in the gas is less than 30%, reliable humidity controller to control, so as to maintain the range of 50% ~ 60%. When using the window doors as far as possible closed, so that the room to achieve dehumidification.

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