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Accelerate innovation and meet constant challenges

The more challenging chip era requires more high-performance test and measurement equipment

Advances in science and technology, such as 5 g communications, aerospace unmanned artificial intelligence technology in the field of large data such as core boundary continuously by the innovation and breakthrough, with chip as the core and iteration time and updated in product technology, to satisfy the criteria for higher performance requirements, so the wafer level testing also will become more and more complex, and from the laboratory to the fabs in chip research and development of the whole production process, how to accelerate the rate of product becomes crucial, it also requires a professional measurement scheme to quickly accurately test and measurement of the wafer.

Product application for technology transformation

Over the years, through continuous technological innovation to promote, we together with customers to meet the challenges in the key technology of semiconductor process, collaborative customer made in the process of chip development and production technology optimization and performance improvement, in the field of prober, we not only provide a prober, provide more advanced wafer probe technology, we are committed to how from the wafer surface to precision instrument more stable signals, achieve more accurate test and measurement data, and ultimately help customers quickly achieve technology.

  • Fully Automatic Probe Station Measurement Technology

    High-Performance™ Technology

    High-PerformanceTM technology provides a highly stable fully automatic wafer probe station and fully automatic wafer test equipment. Through the multi-reinforced stable structure of the fully automatic wafer prober, the problem that the equipment is

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  • Semi-Automatic Probe Station Measurement Technology

    ThreeInone™ Technology

    ThreeInone™ technology provides a high-stability probe bench and semi-automatic wafer testing equipment. Through the stable structure of low center of gravity, the problem that the equipment is easy to shake and affect the test accuracy in wafer test

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  • Vacuum High And Low Temperature Environment Testing Technology

    SpecialConditions™ Technology

    With the development of aerospace technology, some of the high reliability and high performance semiconductor devices, especially the core aerospace components, has become a measure of a country the important symbol of the levels of aerospace science and technology but because of China's integrated circuit industry foundation is weak, the semiconductor device mainly rely on import, not only the high cost of import channels without quality assurance, more there is great potential safety hazard, such as chip implanted trojans structure for this, must have their own research and development at the core of the device.

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  • Air-Floating Chuck Moving Technology

    Chuck Air Bearing Move ™ Technology

    In driven by Moore's law, from 6 inch 8 inch wafer size 12 "the path of the change, because the wafer diameter, the greater the same wafer can produce the more integrated circuit, both to reduce the cost, but at the moment, and can improve the yield and utilization in the wafer test especially the manual testing will produce an inevitable question: from the wafer after a test chip moves to the next is likely to become more and more far distance of the chip under test, mobile is also likely to become more and more high frequency, and wafer test at the same time also has the characteristics of high precision, the current is usually a few microns or even a few microns.

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