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Enterprise Competitiveness

Enterprise Competitiveness

Over the years, we adhere to provide high-end products, innovation and services by expanding the scale of capacity & capabilities, integrating resources, research & development and smart manufacturing. It is our core motivation to provide new innovations in semiconductor testing equipments and support chip manufacturing firms by building independent semiconductor testing equipment industry in china and continue to improve global market competitiveness.

Synchronize global technical capabilities
Using technology to empower products, thanks to our team of technical experts and engineers from all over the world, we can synchronize global technological innovation, and through continuous breakthroughs in technical barriers, we can provide customers with better test and measurement solutions.
SEMISHARE can truly provide Its customers with all-around product customization through the experience we have accumulated in many technical projects in the industry. While providing standardized products, we can provide better, comprehensive, customized solutions based on customer needs.
Highly stable performance products
With a professional and rigorous R&D team and an innovative attitude of excellence, we have put forward more strict technical standards for products and continue to upgrade technology to optimize performance and ensure that the equipment is simple to operate, stable, fast, Superior, and have reliable performance with accurate data.
More cost-competitive prices
Through years of accumulated technological and market advantages in the development and operation of enterprises, we can effectively integrate the resources of the upstream and downstream industry chains, better optimize our operating cost structure, and continue to ensure that we have a strong cost advantage in market competition. .
Industry-leading one-stop service
We provide customers with fast, efficient, competitive solutions with one-stop services, integrating customer service of Activities from Pre-purchase to post-purchase of equipment, creating a new era of value service in China.
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