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Operations Management

Operations Management
Operation managementOperation managementSustainable development operation management

SEMISHARE society, uphold excellence in innovation, value sharing of ideas, adhere to both ends of a new driven, strive to build to the technology for nuclear manufacturing for the sustainable development the core competitiveness of enterprise, through years of accumulation of management, to build a customer oriented organization structure to carry out the strategy of market as the center of execution system break through the organization of marginal customer service system in the pursuit of excellent work flow to build scale and the development and implementation of distributed system and win-win cooperation partnership timing operation management system, to constantly meet the requirements and optimize the quality of service, and customers to achieve common growth and sustainable development.

A customer-oriented organizational structure

SEMISHARE Technologies has built a sustainable, customer-oriented organizational structure with a professional operation team.In marketing technology, production, manufacturing, operation, management, human resources, finance and other aspects of the establishment of a complete support platform;In the domestic establishment (Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai) a number of sales branches, and covering a number of cities marketing service network.

We will build a precise organizational system

Regional distribution of society, science and technology according to the market situation, combined with cost advantage and resource integration as a whole, through a pragmatic organization layout, vigorously strengthen the construction of organization system and organization ability construction, build the r&d and production of large-scale distributed implementation and delivery system, has formed a professional research and development center and implement team, according to industry characteristics, set up multiple service network, improve the implementation and delivery capabilities.

A market-centered strategy execution system

Through years of practice, the company gradually formed a made of the strategic planning process of decomposition strategy execution strategy implementation system, the pursuit of growth development goals, to lock in the core of customer demand for the development of direction to develop strategic planning, in the marketing technology human resources, financial operation, formulate detailed implementation strategy guided by the ISO9001 ISO14001 international system standards, the implementation of product standards fine quality control in the production of the project management plan, improve the capacity to ensure effective implementation of the company's strategy.

Break through the organization's marginal customer service system

SEMISHARE technology has formed a standardized and pragmatic customer service method, formed an efficient industry solution, established a differentiated talent training echelon mode, and through the effective integration of the three, built a unique customer service system that breaks through the organizational margin.

The pursuit of excellence in the work flow

In order to continue to serve customers, improve the company's operating efficiency, sen society, science and technology to build a simplified practical sustainable improving workflow process involves sen committeeman of all business units and organizations of science and technology department, covering all areas of the business, we advocate through the whole society, people's cooperation is practical and widely recognized and continuous efforts to the pursuit of excellence and consciously.

Partnership for Win-win Cooperation

Make the partnership continued ascension is the important guarantee of society, science and technology business development, SEMISHARE society, science and technology has always been committed to create a harmonious and win-win industrial chain environment through the marketing technical management of human resources accounting, improve the capacity can build quickly and reliably meet the needs of the customer business development solutions.

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