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Premium RF Probes and Accessories - SEMISHARE Prober

Discover top-quality RF probes and accessories at SEMISHARE Prober. Elevate your semiconductor testing for exceptional performance and precision.

SEMISHARE's RF Probes: Revolutionizing Semiconductor Testing

a pioneer in the semiconductor test equipment industry since its inception in 2015. Based in Baoan, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China, SEMISHARE has been at the forefront of technological innovation, particularly in the realm of RF probes. This article delves into the capabilities and features of SEMISHARE's RF probes, a critical component in semiconductor testing. Discover more about these advanced tools at our dedicated page: RF Probes at SEMISHARE.

Company Background

SEMISHARE, with over 15 years of experience, has established itself as a leader in the semiconductor testing field. Our global footprint extends to the US, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand, showcasing our international expertise and reach. At the heart of our success lies our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Product Philosophy and Range

At SEMISHARE, we believe in creating products that are not just technologically advanced but also user-friendly and reliable. Our range of dynamic, semi-automatic, and fully automatic wafer probe stations are designed to meet the diverse needs of the semiconductor industry. Central to these systems are our RF probes, which are engineered for precision and compatibility with various testing scenarios.

Technical Specifications of SEMISHARE’s RF Probes

Our RF probes are designed with meticulous attention to detail. They boast impressive operating bandwidths and connector compatibilities, ensuring they meet the rigorous demands of modern semiconductor testing. The precision calibration kits that accompany our RF probes further enhance their accuracy and reliability.

Advantages of SEMISHARE’s RF Probes

SEMISHARE’s RF probes stand out for their precision, durability, and adaptability. These probes are capable of withstanding the rigors of both small-scale laboratory environments and large-scale production settings. Their high precision ensures accurate testing results, which is crucial in the semiconductor industry.

Applications and Suitability

The versatility of our RF probes makes them suitable for a wide range of applications. From research and development in small labs to high-volume production in manufacturing plants, our RF probes are equipped to handle diverse testing environments. This adaptability underscores the importance of RF probes in various sectors of the semiconductor industry.

SEMISHARE’s Competitive Edge

What sets SEMISHARE apart is our unwavering commitment to quality and customer service. We understand the evolving needs of the semiconductor industry and are dedicated to providing solutions that not only meet but exceed these requirements. Our ability to offer customized solutions, including tailored RF probes, further cements our position as a leader in the field.

SEMISHARE continues to play a pivotal role in advancing semiconductor testing through its innovative RF probes. These probes are a testament to our commitment to excellence and our understanding of the industry's needs. For more information and to explore our range of RF probes, visit SEMISHARE’s RF Probes. Join us in revolutionizing semiconductor testing.

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Radiofrequency Probe


Radiofrequency Probe

Radiofrequency Probe

Microwave test

Specification:Application direction: High frequency characteristic test

Size:7. Model 10 (dc to 11 GHz )

Features:8. Model 40A (dc to 40 GHz / 2.9mm K connector input) available with nickel alloy contacts for probing aluminum pads9. Dual / Differential Microwave Probe (two microwave probes on one positioner - 40A, 50A, 67A, or 110H)11. Model 50A (dc to 50 GHz /

Radiofrequency Probe

Radiofrequency Probe

Picoprobe® High impedance Active Probe:

Specification:Application direction: Small signal capacitance characteristic test


Features:1.Model 7 and Model 7A(dc to 500 Mhz, 50 ohm) 2.Model 12C (dc to 500 Mhz, 1 Megohm/0.1pF) 3. Model 34A(dc to 3.0 GHz, 10 Megohm/0.1pF) 4. Model 35(dc to 26.0 GHz, 1.25 Megohm/0.05pF) 5. Model 18C and Model 19C (dc to 350 Mhz, 10 femtoamps/0.02pF

Recommended reading

What features does Model 40A offer and what is its frequency range?

Model 40A extends the frequency range to dc to 40 GHz, featuring a 2.9mm K connector input and nickel alloy contacts for probing aluminum pads.

Can you explain the functionality of the Dual/Differential Microwave Probe?

The Dual/Differential Microwave Probe consists of two microwave probes on one positioner, available in models 40A, 50A, 67A, or 110H, for simultaneous testing.

How do Model 18C and Model 19C compare in terms of specifications?

Model 18C and Model 19C cover dc to 350 MHz, featuring 10 femtoamps/0.02pF specifications, designed for precise low-frequency testing requirements.


For more information about this product, you can download our accessory manual directly.
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