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Enterprise evolution

Enterprise evolution

China chip Flying Dream

It has helped China manufacture its own leading chips and promoted the overall development of the global semiconductor industry.

70 years ago, Bell Laboratories in the United States invented the first triode, opening the first year of the history of semiconductor integrated circuits. Immediately after 10 years, my country's first state-owned electronic tube factory 774, with the help of German experts, opened the chapter of the new China semiconductor.

So far, China has become the largest importer of integrated circuits, with annual imports exceeding 2 trillion yuan in oil. However, the domestic autonomy rate of chips is less than 20%, and the participation of domestic equipment in the manufacturing process is only 10%. Chips are the core of modern electronics and information technology and are related to national competitiveness and information security. Lack of core and soul has always been a dilemma facing the development of my country's technology industry.

From the very beginning of its establishment, SEMISHARE has rooted its mission of "serving the chip industry, helping China manufacture independent leading chips, and promoting the overall development of the global semiconductor industry" in the DNA of SEMISHARE.

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