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FlexScan Panel Laser Spot Repair System

Product Overview

FlexScan series is designed for display of process design panel window abnormal defects and faults of a laser panel window repair equipment equipment SEMISHARE leading machine vision system as the core, provide high precision for LCD \ semi-finished goods display defect repair and low cost solution, greatly increase the degree of the enterprise technological process yield and economic benefits.

Basic Information

Product numberFlex-85working environmentOpen type
electricity demand380V,50Hz,3Phase,approx.50AMaxControl methodFull-Automatic
Product Size3000 mm wide x2,500mm long x2,500mm highequipment weightAbout 7500 kg

Application direction

Tft-lcd panel bright spot repair, OLED panel bright spot repair.

Technical characteristics

Product Feature

●Laser system visual operation, greatly improve the efficiency of repair. ●Repair shape can be edited, can be multi - station design. ●Linear motor structure,1um laser precision, high speed mute. ●Leading internal anti - shock system device, more stable operation. ●High power optical image recognition, automatic calibration focus. ●Local darkening can be achieved. ●Automatic AOI positioning, automatic upper and lower slice. ●Rich software testing function, high precision calibration of mechanical system.


Model FlexScan series
Model Flex-85
Dimension W : 3,000mm*L : 2,500mm*H : 2,500 mm
Weight 7500KG
Electricity Demand 380V, 50Hz, 3Phase, approx. 50A Max
Repair ability sample size 3~85 inch
Repairable range Any position in the panel
Repair time 120s or so per pixel (pixel in size 200μm*100μm)
Repairable product type Cell (OLED, IPS, ON-CELL / IN-CELL TFT panel etc.), Module ( with/without polarizer )
Shading performance Not visible when module backlight turn on
X-Y-Z travel range 2000 * 1200 * 50mm
Moving resolution 0.1μm
X-Y velocity 0~400mm/s
Z velocity 0~2mm/s Adjustable
Location AOI automatic defect location
Microscope Optical circuit system ratio 50X~1000X, 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X, 100X Objects
Objective switching speed 0.2~0.7s
Focus Laser auto focusing
Optical resolution 0.7μm
Camera 200W / 500W Pixel industrial camera
Laser Laser system ultra fast laser
Energy control 0~1000 steps,0~100%
Laser wavelength 1064nm, 532nm, 355nm
Pulse width 500fs
Spot size 0.8~1.5μm @ 100X  object
1.0~3.0μm @ 50X  object
Laser lifetime >10years, Maintenance interval > 20000 hours
Energy uniformity of scanning surface Better than 5% IR
repair method Scanning
Scanning shape Customer defined
Recipes Customer defined and stored locally
Control Mode Automatic repair, automatic data load and communication
Semi-automatic/full-automatic repair
Sample Exchange Multistation and Automatic exchange
CIM system Yes
Anti-vibration Vibration free table installed
Industrial PC

23inch display & computer: i7 processor, 2 blocks 1TB hard disk (one of which

is a backup hard disk), 8G memory, 1G Independent video card, DVD-ROM

Communication interface RS232 / EtherCAT / GPIB etc.
Security Frame covered , and the operator operates outside .
Limit sensor, Motion platform and Laser system limit interlock
Application Repair for TFT-LCD panel bright dot and OLED bright dot
Stable repair results Local and partial CF darkening
Ultrafast laser Custom defined repairing shape
Linear Motor platform with 0.1μm resolution AOI Automatic defect location
Minimal damage Multistation design
Laser precision 1μm Automatic sample loader

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