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Service &Support

After-Sales Service

After-Sales Service

SEMISHARE is committed to providing customers with products consulting solutions to build product customization delivery acceptance skills training track maintenance, such as a full range of support services, make your time and input all can achieve greater utility as long as you dial our service hotline, or send E-mail to us, will provide you with professional technical experts systematic service we aim to service at from the service efficiency of maintenance costsThe quality standard establishes a closed matrix covering the whole life cycle of the equipment, integrates the customer service behaviors from the purchase of the equipment to the purchase of the equipment and after the operation of the equipment into a customer-oriented value chain, creating a new era of value chain service.

Service Concept

Put the customer first, take the initiative to be enthusiastic, be timely and considerate, and respond quickly.

Our excellent product performance and active and enthusiastic service will exceed customer expectations. Every employee guarantees to provide customers with the best quality and service in the first time, and constantly improves our business process and improves the quality of products and services. Finally we'll win customer satisfaction.

Solution Consulting Services

Our experienced technical experts will provide you with professional advice on test system and solution construction according to your application requirements before sales, so as to help you quickly find satisfactory solutions.

Warranty Period Service

All SEMISHARE'S products have passed strict factory testing, and we also provide you with professional warranty service.

Technical Training

In order to let you better understand the SEMISHARE products you buy, let our products for you to bring more application needs to help, so we can provide customized, systematic technical skills training according to your specific needs. If you have this need, you can also submit an application in the website or contact us by phone.

Product Upgrade Service

Our technology provides value-added services for your products. When your testing needs change, SEMISHARE can provide hardware and software upgrade services, so that you can get more value with less investment.

Service Promise

SEMISHARE promises to respond quickly to your needs. As long as you contact us via website, phone, email, etc., we will attach importance to your every need. Online support: 7*24h response to customers through professional FAE technical team support group.

Onsite Support

1) For customers in Shenzhen, after-sales service personnel should arrive at the customer site within 4 hours

2) For customers in Guangdong Province, after-sales service personnel should arrive at the customer site within 24 hours

3) For customers outside Guangdong Province, after-sales service personnel shall arrive at the customer site within 48 hours

Global Service Network

No matter where you are, you can easily contact us or our partners.

  • After-sales Service

    Telephone: 0755-2690 6952 to 813
  • Customer Complaint

    Telephone:0755-2690 6952 ,Press 2 according to the voice prompt
  • Global Marketing

    EMEA Office: Via Generale Giordani Orsini 42 - Napoli - Italy
    Phone : + 39 081 661003 - Mobile + 39 3483837815

    Phone: +39 081 662016
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