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Test Solution


It covers the whole spectrum of test and measurement applications from the laboratory to the wafer fab

Semiconductor test link, mainly including chip design verification in the design of a wafer manufacturing wafer testing (CP) and packaging of the finished product testing (FT) probe station is used for wafer processing after CP test link before encapsulation process, responsible for wafer transport and positioning, to ensure that from the surface of the wafer to precision instrument more stable signal, make the grain on the wafer, in turn, contact with the probe and test them one by one, to achieve a more accurate data test probe measuring semiconductor test equipment including test machines and separatorThe test machine is used in all the test links, different links need to be used in conjunction with the separator or probe table.

Client Object

Technological Education

Research Institute

Experimentation Research

Research Institute
Professional Testing Institution
Chip Design Company

Commercial Manufacture

Fabrication plant
Sealing test factory
Panel factory
Direction Of Application

We will customers innovative concepts into real results, realize the accurate and reliable test and measurement analysis, help the accurate measurement and analyse and judge the performance of wafer device, including the provision of materials/components/CV IV characteristic test of LD/PD/LED light intensity test/wavelength, characteristics of the radio frequency device failure analysis, internal wiring chip/electrode/PAD test and so on technical solutions.

  • Integrated circuit (IC) direction

    ● Wafer Testing
    ● Chip Line Modification
    ● Failure Analysis
    ● Chip Reverse Photography
  • PCB direction

    ● PCB printed circuit board electrical test
  • Maskdirection

    ● Mask defect repair
  • LED direction

    ● Test the photoelectric efficiency of the battery
    ● EL test
    ● Electrical performance test
  • Photovoltaic (PV) solar direction

    ● Draw/line the solar cells
  • FPD direction

    ● LCD,OLED highlights/line repair
    ● Panel Probe Test
  • Touch Panel direction

    ● Touch screen ITO short circuit laser repair
    ● Laser ablation
Integrated measurement solution

We help customers to better optimize their testing process, to constantly win the trust of customers, through years of experience with partners, we have translated a lot of technical experience into the actual market success cases, and gradually formed a more professional test measurement solutions.

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