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Hall Effect System

Product Overview

Hall Effect System is integrated Keithley2400/2600 series precision source and Semishare Polaris high and low temperature platform, using van der pol rule design, applied to the high precision of measuring carrier type of semiconductor material type (P/N) concentration of carrier mobility parameters such as resistivity hall coefficient, can be applied to Si SiGe SiC GaAs InGaAs InP semiconductor materials such as GaN.

Basic Information

Product numberHALLworking environmentWindows98 / ME / 2000 / NT/XP environment
electricity demand/Control method/
Product Size/equipment weight/

Application direction

Technical characteristics

Product Feature

● The industry-leading Keithley testing platform.
● Ultra high precision source table, achieve accurate measurement.
● Modular design, stable performance and simple maintenance.
● Rich software functions, convenient and flexible operation.
● Visual interface, data analysis is clear.
● High and low temperature variable temperature environment, effective implementation of reliability testing.


Model HALL series
Brief introduction

This system is integrated with Keithley 2400 / 2600 series high precision source meter and Semishare Polaris high

and low temperature platform. It is designed by using The Van Der Pauw Law for high precision measurement of

the carrier types of semiconductor materials (P type / N type),Carrier concentration, Mobility ratio, Resistivity,

Hall coefficient and other parameters test, Can be applied to various materials such as Si,SiGe,SiC,GaAs,

InGaAs,InP,GaN etc.

Software operating system Under the environment of Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / NT / Xp
Effective current output range 6nA~100mA
Effective voltage measurement range -5~5V
Carrier concentration(/cm3) 107 – 1021
Mobility (cm2/Vs) 1~107
Resistivity (Ohm.cm) 10-4 - 107
A/B ratio Ok
RHD(cm3/C) Ok
RHC(cm3/C) Ok
RH(cm3/C) Ok
Sheet Resistance(Ohm) Ok
Temperature Temperature (k): normal temperature and
77k , two temperature points
Option: 77k~500k 0. 1 degrees Celsius
accuracy, can be set by software
Instrument size and weight Mainframe size H: 89mm × W: 213mm × L: 370mm
Weight 3.21KG
Working environment requirements 0°–50°C, 70%R.H.
Storage environment requirements –25°C to 65°C
Dimention of the Van der pauw rule
terminal converter
200×120×110 mm (W×H×D)
Net weight 7.7KG
Measuring material All semiconductor films such as Si, SiGe, SiC, ZnO, GaAs, InGaAs, InP, GaN, ITO (p-type and n-type)
Keithley test platform Feature-rich software
Ultra-high precision source meter User friendly UI
Modular design High and low temperature environment

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