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Probe Station System


High-Quality Station Probe Test Systems & Wafer Probers

Explore our range of advanced probe stations/test systems and wafer probers at SEMISHARE Prober. Enhance your semiconductor testing capabilities with precision.


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A Series Full Automatic Probe Station

A series is SEMISHARE years carefully developed a production automatic high and low temperature probe, the probe station has high test precision and super fast test speed, with automatic up-down material, automatic wafer alignment, automatic wafer center, automatic test diesize, etc, has the identification function of wafer ID at the same time, can be a sing...

Quickly understand the SEMISHARE probe station in one minute

With the rapid development of 5G, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other emerging technologies, intelligent products of science and technology have increasingly penetrated into our daily work and life, and the composition of these intelligent products cannot be separated from a core important component -- chip. The chip must be known to all, s...

M4\" Basics Manual Probe Station

A Basics type based on the university education and laboratory test wafer prober, this equipment is mainly applied in the semiconductor industry, as well as test of the photoelectric industry, including research and development of precision electrical measurement of complex high-speed device, the chip and LD/LED/PD tests, PCB/packaging device testing, rf tes...

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