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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality Policy

Scientific Management, Technological Innovation, Customer Satisfaction, Continuous Improvement

The quality policy is based on the basic principles of quality management and is the company's overall quality purpose and quality direction. The ultimate realization of the purpose of customer satisfaction, to ensure that customer needs and expectations are met, and into the company's products and service requirements.

Total Quality Management System

SEMISHARE implements the comprehensive ISO9001-2015 international quality management system, and all staff participate in the whole process management of quality design, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement, strictly control every link of the whole life cycle of products, and provide all kinds of customers with high-quality products with high stable performance.

Supported Standards:

+ISO9001-2015 International Quality Management System Certification

+ISO14001-2015 International Environmental Management System Certification

+ CE Certification

+ MES System

Quality Control

Through standardized control program management knowledge and skills, such as system, on the company's research and development, design, processing, manufacturing, quality control process so as to obtain best practices for identification, documented, periodic review identified, and effective application and protection, so as to improve and upgrade the company research and development, design, technology, manufacturing, quality control and other aspects of the level, to achieve the best process efficiency, product quality, cost and delivery performance.

+ Design and development control + Production planning control program + Incoming material inspection control + Production process control

+ Delivery inspection control + After-sales service control + Corrective and preventive measures control + Knowledge management control

Product Life Cycle

  • Development stage: Preliminary design and comprehensive verification

    + Special management, with the product life cycle management system
    + High standard incoming material control standard
    + Product quality control and process quality assurance
    + Product functional comprehensive testing and reliability verification

  • Production stage: To control details and ensure product quality

    + Standardized production quality management process
    + Supplier audit and performance management system
    + Fully automated production of advanced manufacturing equipment
    + Intelligent monitoring of the whole MES system

  • After sales stage: Efficient solution, Continuous tracking

    + Establish a learning-oriented after-sales service team
    + Quick response and provide technical support
    + Establish customer quality problem management database
    + Problem analysis, Continuous improvement, Customer satisfaction

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