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Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture
Corporate CultureMission

China chip Flying Dream

It has helped China manufacture its own leading chips and promoted the overall development of the global semiconductor industry.

70 years ago, the United States bell LABS invented the first triode, opening of the first year of the history of the semiconductor integrated circuit followed, after 10 years, China's first state-owned tube factory 774 factory with the help of the German experts, opens the new chapter of semiconductor to date, China has become the largest importer in the integrated circuit, oil imports more than 2 trillion yuan in the domestic independent chip is less than 20%, and only 10% of domestic equipment involved in the manufacturing process and the chip is the core of the modern electronics and information technology, relates to the national competitiveness and information securityThe lack of core and soul has always been a dilemma faced by the development of China's technology industry. Since its inception, SEMISHARE has been serving the chip industry, helping China to produce domestically leading chips and promoting the overall development of the global semiconductor industry, which is rooted in the DNA of Semishare.


To be the world's leading supplier of semiconductor equipment.

To build a scientific and technological innovation enterprise with a global vision.

Enterprise sloganEnterprise slogan
Enterprise slogan

We make it different

Innovation, excellence is our value sharing of gen drow different overall interpretation, it is a beautiful science and technology, constantly breakthrough self, the pursuit of success of the value of intrinsic motivation, we expect to continue making the SEMISHARE leading industry, and has a global view of science and technology innovation enterprise, and presented to the customer (science and technology professional, industry-leading, trustworthy, has the potential to grow) the body of the impression based on this goal, we are the rapid integration of resources and the expansion of enterprise scale, around new product development on technology research and development of intelligent manufacturing market service aspects of sophisticated operation management.

Core valueCore value

Excellent innovation, value sharing

Excellent innovation: Innovation is ubiquitous, and innovation is not limited to a certain level. We combine internal and external environmental factors from multiple perspectives, establish open, honest, learning and execution as the core organizational behavior elements, and extend to all-around innovation including production, service and management of technical products.

Value sharing: Creating value for customers, contributing value to the society, and sharing value with employees are the spiritual pursuit and the meaning of existence of SEMISHARE. The company will develop in a sustainable and balanced way on the basis of protecting the social interests of customers and employees, so as to meet the value needs of all parties.


Create value for customers: We regard the competitiveness of suppliers and customers as the competitiveness of SEMISHARE, and the success of suppliers and customers as the success of SEMISHARE. We strive to establish long-term cooperative relations with suppliers and customers, shape a virtuous circle of cooperation mode, and finally achieve a win-win value.


Contributing value to society: We deeply understand that The growth of SEMISHARE also benefits from the cooperation of the social and industrial environment. We need to be a good corporate citizen, actively participate in social public welfare activities, and strive to give back to the society.


Share value with employees: Based on the development of the enterprise, we grow together with employees in career and emotion, and provide employees with a good working and learning environment, salary and welfare and career development platform, so as to realize personal self-value and share success together.

Entrepreneurial spiritEntrepreneurial spirit

Integrity is the cornerstone of our development

SEMISHARE always maintains an honest and pragmatic attitude towards external communication, publicity and release of company performance;Adhere to the development direction of sound management of enterprises, not for temporary benefits of fraud, abandon the integrity of the company.

To our customers, we maintain a high work ethic, emphasize facts and strive to deliver on our promises to our customers.

We select and cooperate with suppliers in an objective and fair manner.

We select and cooperate with suppliers in an objective and fair manner.
Within the company, we will not tolerate corruption, faction within the company and the formation of corporate politics.

Learn that we are always the source of vitality and competitiveness

SEMISHARE needs to constantly learn and improve to ensure that the company always maintains a high degree of enterprise vitality, and maintain a proactive and efficient attitude to deal with the changing characteristics of the industry market.

In sales, we need to keep closer contact with customers, provide timely feedback of information, summarize and learn from past and current projects in a more systematic way, and thoroughly analyze and improve ourselves.

The team requires that everyone should fully communicate with others to make progress, be willing to accept the correct opinions of others, and constantly improve themselves in self-reflection.Among individuals, we should dare to compare benchmarks (competitors and colleagues), dare to set challenging goals, and achieve self-excellence by constantly improving ourselves.

Execute the key to achieving our business goals

We emphasize that execution is not only the result of work, but also the result of work. Execution is based on the dual combination of system and individual action under the premise of people-oriented subject. Our judgment standard for excellent execution is the unity of knowledge and action, only fast and unbroken, the pursuit of excellence, and influencing others.

At Sammy, we strictly require employees to have clear goals, methods and time points. Meanwhile, we strive to achieve excellent improvement and perfection of work results.

strive to achieve excellent improvement and perfection of work results.
For the work arranged by the superior, we should take communication as the first priority and follow the command under the reasonable premise. We should strictly do what we say and do what we do. We should never adopt a perfunctory attitude towards the work.

Team members should treat each other with honesty, frankness and cooperation, accept the views of all parties to reach the same goal through brainstorming, and after making a decision, they should unite as one and do their best towards the common goal regardless of you and me.

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