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How to clean the probe table probe to extend the service life of probe consumables

Release time:2020-08-27Source: SEMISHARE

Using prober semiconductor material qualitative analysis in the precise measurement of the main parameters, an integral test probe the application of several common types of probes: general DC active probe and microwave coaxial DC probe probes in the whole process of application, the probe surface with the sample (s) will meet with dust or air oxidation layer, the application will harm data to test the credibility of the but again subscription fee, very is microwave probe, will greatly increase the user consumption of product cost this again, we were taught three ways, can be convenient to remove the obstinate stains on the probe, could increase the probe of consumption goods.

探针台探针如何进行清洁 延长探针耗材使用寿命必看

1. Brush cleaning

Application: 5 m probe, microwave probe. Discomfort for soft needles with needle diameter below 5 m.
Take a piece of A4 paper and break off the long thin strips, preferably the long thin triangular shape (about 5cm high up and down). Install the probe to be cleaned on the probe fixture and place it under the optical microscope (the volume microscope can be used to make the number too large for practical operation), use the strip tip as the brush, and brush the dirt off the probe tip slowly.

2. Pressing needle cleaning method

Application: all types of probes, dust relatively close to the top of the probe condition.

Take a piece of A4 paper, cut it into a sample table size (or appropriate size) and fix it on the sample table. Install the cleaning probe on the probe fixture and place it under the optical microscope. Gradually diastolic pressure probe. After the probe touches the tissue paper, move the probe backward, as shown in the figure. Try to come back to the probe a few more times as the dust falls off.

3. Ultrasonic cleaning method

Application: All probes.

Add proper amount of pure water and place it into the measuring cup (the size of the measuring cup is suitable for the actual operation of the user), and put it into the ultrasonic cleaner. Turn on the ultrasonic cleaner, then pinch the probe in your hand (watch for nitrile gloves), drop the needle into pure water and let the vibrations shake the dust off. Use a high-powered microscope every two to three minutes until the dust drops. Place the probe in a suitable place to dry and apply. Warm reminder, if clean microwave probe, must put the probe overnight air drying.

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