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OLED Panel Bright Spot Repair Scheme


OLED Panel Bright Spot Repair Scheme

Application Package
The device is suitable for AMOLED flexible screen CELL segment point defect repair, so as to make the bright spot repair normal or dark.

A. Front Repair Solution

Actual effect (bright spot darkening)

B. Reverse Repair Solution

Actual effect (bright spot restored to normal display)

SEMISHARE OLED Repair Equipment Advantages Highlights

Double-sided repair of front and back, no need to flip, improve efficiency and avoid the risk of screen breaking caused by flip.
For the adsorption structure specially designed for the flexible screen, the Panel will not be damaged during adsorption.
Solve the automatic detection and repair of the bright spots of defective products, especially the bright spots.
Fixed cut with a minimum linewidth of 1 m without affecting nearby pixels.
Up to 15.6 inch Panel repair capability.

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