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To help accelerate the chip industry, SEMISHARE makes a wonderful appearance at SEMICON China 2020

Release time:2020-08-18Source: SEMISHARE

On June 27, SEMICON China 2020, the world's largest international semiconductor exhibition, opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center as scheduled.SEMISHARE, together with its three SCG series of high and low temperature vacuum probe platforms, SH series of high configuration analysis probe platforms and SX series of semi-automatic mass production probe platforms, made an excellent appearance in the exhibition, sharing advanced testing technologies and product applications of semiconductors for everyone, and experiencing the shocking experience brought by high-end technologies.

At the scene, the booth of SEMISHARE received warmly. The advanced probe test equipment has attracted a large number of professional visitors to visit and consult the products. They are full of interest and expectation for the probe test equipment of SEMISHARE, and have given high recognition and further intention of cooperation.

As the world's advanced wafer probe platform manufacturer, SEMISHARE is driven by technological innovation. Based on years of market and technological accumulation, SEMISHARE continuously develops and launches its two test and measurement series products with independent innovative technologies and continuous technological innovation and product upgrading and iterative.

Manual, semi-automatic, automatic, high and low temperature, vacuum, magnetic field, such as photoelectric synchronous global advanced testing technology and laser wafer prober panel repair equipment, for the semiconductor industry leading vendors, laboratory in colleges and universities and scientific research institute to provide accurate, efficient and reliable test and measurement equipment and technology solutions.

SEMISHARE's global advanced testing technology has helped accelerate the development of the chip industry

■ SCG series high and low temperature vacuum probe station

Product Features:

• Temperature control range: 77K-770K; temperature stability is better than ± 0.1k; resolution of temperature controller is 0.1℃; error of any segment of sensor is 0.5%;

•X-Y-Z moving in three directions, with a stroke of 25mm and a positioning accuracy of 10 m;

• Probe drift <±60nm/30mins;

• Optical microscopy 20x eyepiece and 0.8-5 times objective zoom ratio, 16X-100x magnification ratio;

• Leak rate better than 1.3x10-10pa.m3 /s ultimate vacuum to 10-4Pa (when using molecular pumps);

• Leakage accuracy up to 100FA;

• Liquid nitrogen tank can adjust the pressure, the refrigeration system can adjust the precision needle valve, automatic flow control, automatic temperature control;

• Air spring type support frame shockproof system can effectively avoid the test effect caused by slight vibration of low frequency band;

Application: chip test in high and low temperature vacuum environment, LD/LED/PD test, optical fiber spectrum characteristic test, MATERIAL/device IV/CV characteristic test, Hall test, electromagnetic transport characteristic test, high frequency characteristic test, etc.

Target customers: research and education institutions/research institutes corporate laboratories.

■ SH series high configuration analysis probe station

Product Features:

• Large handle coaxial drive CHUCK, high moving precision;

• X-Y of the microscope moves without recoil;

•20~4000X optical microscope magnification, fast tilt 30 degrees;

• Leakage accuracy up to 100FA (when equipped with shielding box);

• Can be tested with a probe card;

• Pin seat platform can be lifted and fine-tuned quickly, and chip testing is fast;

Application: wafer, LD/LED/PD test, PCB/ package device test, circuit/electrode /PAD test, RF, HF, HIGH voltage/high current test, etc

Target customers: research and education institutions/research institutes corporate laboratories

■ SX series semi-automatic mass production probe station

Product Features:

•CHUCK mechanical motion system precision and speed industry highest: operating speed >70mm/s, accuracy ≤1 m;

•Chuck manually load and calibrate, and clear the needle module;

• Can change temperature from -60℃ to 300℃, temperature accuracy and stability are better than 0.1℃;

• Triple focal microscope system and side microscope, optical magnification: 0.6*5X; 2.5 * 5 x; 9 * 5 x;

• Ultra-high test accuracy and efficiency Index time≤500ms;

• Low noise ≤50dB;

• Automatic Wafer align, automatic die size measurement, automatic Wafer mapping;

• One-button self-adaptive four-axis Chuck precision calibration, supporting micron pad point measurement;

• Automatic temperature compensation, convenient system integration;

Application direction: Characteristics analysis of i-V, C-V, optical signal, RF, 1/ F noise, RF test, high-power Wafer test, etc., of all kinds of devices and Wafer, etc

Target customers: research and education institutions/research laboratories/chip design companies

To create the future with technology and accelerate the development of the chip industry, SEMISHARE will continue to provide more partners with advanced wafer probe platform test and measurement equipment and technical solutions based in China and facing the world, and become a reliable partner for more customers in the industry.

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