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SEMISHARE brought A series of fully automatic wafer probe station to Shenzhen International Semiconductor Exhibition!

Release time:2023-05-22Source: SEMISHARE

On May 16-18, the 5th Shenzhen International Semiconductor Technology and Application Exhibition was successfully held at the Shenzhen World Convention and Exhibition Center. With the theme of "Chip Opportunities·Smart Future", this exhibition covers 7 characteristic exhibition areas, with an exhibition scale of over 40,000 square meters. We will start a "chip" journey with 600+ selected exhibitors on site!


SEMISHARE brought A8 automatic wafer probe station, X8 semi-automatic wafer probe station, and H8 comprehensive manual probe station to make a wonderful appearance, showing the latest innovations. The booth was crowded with people and consultations continued. The salesmen showed a professional attitude and dedication to provide services to customers! Visitors who went to the activity guidance area to participate in the activities also received exquisite gifts customized by SEMISHARE.

With the wave of domestic substitution and the iteration of domestic automation equipment, the A series of fully automatic wafer probe stations, as the main product of SEMISHARE, have attracted a large number of customers to stop and understand, and have aroused their strong interest in product performance, technical parameters and other aspects.

In the field of automation equipment, enterprises prefer to purchase imported equipment, while domestic automation equipment is struggling. SEMISHARE Technology has not only focused on providing professional and integrated wafer test and measurement solutions for fabs, packaging and testing factories, chip design companies, laboratories, research institutes, scientific research institutions, etc. for many years, with the "domestic Price and imported quality” are deeply trusted and praised by partners; and the self-developed and produced A series of fully automatic wafer probe stations have passed the testing and certification of third-party authoritative organizations, as well as the use verification of many well-known customers, and have synchronous international standards. Advanced technology, with strength guarantee, you can order with peace of mind. ‍

Through this exhibition, the existing cooperative relationship has been consolidated, potential customers have been tapped, and the foundation for opening up new markets has been laid. So far, the exhibition has come to a successful conclusion. SEMISHARE is grateful for the presence of people in the industry from all over China, and looks forward to working with you to grow together!

6.29-7.1 in Shanghai SEMICON CHINA E7-E7329, see you again!

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