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SEMISHARE Dialogue Round Table Forum | 2022 Qiushiyan Semiconductor Alliance Annual Meeting Changzhou Summit Forum

Release time:2022-11-16Source: SEMISHARE


The "Qiushiyan Semiconductor Alliance 2022 Annual Meeting · Changzhou Summit Forum" with the theme of "Qiushiyan Semiconductor Alliance 2022 Gather in Changzhou", organized by the Qiushiyan Semiconductor Alliance and sponsored by SEMISHARE, was successfully held in Changzhou from November 12 to 13, 2022.


The two-day meeting has been successfully concluded. I am very grateful to the organizers for their meticulous arrangements. It is also a great honor for SEMISHARE to participate in the round table forum as a representative in the field of semiconductor testing equipment, gathering with a number of well-known experts at home and abroad and leading figures in the semiconductor industry to discuss the development of the semiconductor industry on the topic "Challenges and opportunities - domestic semiconductor equipment and materials in the changing situation". With respect to the development of wafer testing technology and semiconductor equipment localization, while demonstrating the advanced wafer testing technology of SEMISHARE, we discussed and communicated with industry leaders about the development opportunities and challenges of semiconductor testing industry. At the same time, we also participated in several sub forum activities and visits to industry benchmark enterprises, and we got a lot from this trip.

According to the prediction of SEMI, the global semiconductor equipment market is expected to reach US $117.5 billion in 2022, of which the semiconductor test equipment market is expected to reach US $8.77 billion, accounting for about 7.5%. As the global semiconductor industry is gradually focusing on China, this is an opportunity for Chinese local equipment manufacturers. The Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, 5G communication, automotive electronics and other new application markets have brought huge incremental demand for chips, driving the domestic semiconductor testing industry into a rapid development stage.


On behalf of SEMISHARE, Mr. Lin Boqi, the sales director of SMSE, attended this annual meeting. As a veteran of semiconductor equipment industry for nearly 20 years, Mr. Lin Boqi is optimistic about the localization of semiconductor testing equipment after the sanctions. Compared with the previous process equipment, Chinese related enterprises are currently developing more actively in the field of wafer testing and final testing. The value of testing equipment in these two links accounts for about 9% of the overall output value of semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The detection link is one of the most promising links in the field of semiconductor equipment to achieve a high localization rate.

The standardized and customized probe station system provided by SEMISHARE covers the testing requirements from laboratory to wafer factory, including manual probe platform, semi-automatic probe station and fully automatic probe station. The company's equipment is widely used in WAT/CP testing, I-V/C-V testing, RF/mmW testing, high voltage/high current testing, MEMS, high and low temperature testing, optoelectronic device testing, wafer level failure analysis, and Hall testing. In the field of mass production of full-automatic probe stage, SEMISHARE is also trying its best to accelerate its development. After more than ten years of technical accumulation in modules such as testing and measurement, machinery, software algorithm, optical calibration, electrical, high and low temperature, vacuum, laser, etc., the equipment has gradually entered the DEMO stage of the production line since the second half of 2022. SEMISHARE has been committed to providing customers with efficient test solutions to complete product performance verification, improve product yield, reduce costs and accelerate time to market!

Exhibition notice

TBSTest technology & SEMISHARE will attend the 20th China International Semiconductor Expo, where the newly upgraded A12 full-automatic prober will be displayed at our booth (EI-02922). Welcome to our booth for on-site communication and negotiation with our engineers!

Time & Address

November 17-19, Hefei Binhu International Convention and Exhibition Center


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