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Latest Corporate News on Test Probes and Wafer Testing

Stay updated with the most recent developments of test probes and wafer testing at SEMISHARE Prober. Read our corporate news to access valuable insights.

Advanced Test Probes and Systems Streamlining Wafer Test

Section 1 - Test Probe Technology

Test probe technology is fundamental in semiconductor testing, where the reliability and precision of test probes are paramount. The probe tip, a critical component, is designed with specific metallurgy and shape to ensure consistent contact and minimal wear. This aspect of test probes significantly impacts the reliability of test results, especially in high-frequency probes used for leading-edge integrated circuits (ICs). The advancement in test probe technology caters to the increasing demands of modern semiconductor devices, ensuring accurate and reliable testing.

Section 2 - Probe Test Methods

Probe test methods encompass a range of techniques, including DC parametric testing, which is crucial for evaluating semiconductor devices using test probes. High bandwidth RF measurements on wafers are another critical aspect, enabling the testing of devices at gigahertz frequencies. Accelerated test protocols using test probes match the actual use conditions of the devices, ensuring that the wafer testing process is both thorough and efficient.

Section 3 - Automating Wafer Testing

Automation in wafer testing has significantly enhanced the efficiency of the testing process. Parallel test techniques allow for fast validation of wafers, reducing the time-to-market for semiconductor products. Robotic prober arms are now a staple in modern wafer testing, handling multiple wafers with precision and care. Optimized test flows, achieved through advanced sequencing algorithms, further streamline the wafer testing process, making it more efficient and reliable.

Section 4 - Why SEMISHARE Test Probes?

SEMISHARE, with over 15 years of experience, is focused on delivering precision test probes and stations. The company's custom probes are designed to meet a wide range of application needs, making SEMISHARE a global leader in advanced semiconductor testing. Their expertise in test probe technology is evident in the quality and performance of their products, catering to the ever-evolving needs of the semiconductor industry.

Section 5 - Technology and Customer Partnership

SEMISHARE believes in jointly tailoring innovative test solutions with their customers. This approach involves customizing probes, packages, and process flows to enhance test coverage and provide deeper insights into semiconductor performance. The partnership between SEMISHARE and its customers is a testament to the company's commitment to advancing test probe technology and wafer testing processes.

In the rapidly evolving world of semiconductor technologies, leveraging high-performance test probes and optimized wafer testing processes is key to accelerating yield and product introduction. Partnering with SEMISHARE allows companies to craft purpose-built solutions that maximize the value of wafer evaluation, ensuring that their products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. With SEMISHARE's test probes and wafer testing expertise, companies can confidently navigate the challenges of modern semiconductor production.


Advanced wafer probe technology helps semiconductor industry application development

Release time:2020-08-27Source: SEMISHARE

Advances in science and technology, such as 5 g communications, aerospace unmanned artificial intelligence technology in the field of large data such as core boundary in constant innovation and breakthrough, with chip as the core and iteration time and updated in product technology, to satisfy the criteria for higher performance requirements, wafer level testing has become increasingly important, from the lab to the fabs in chip research and development of the whole production process, to speed up the product process and improve product yield is particularly critical.

For years, society, through continuous technological innovation to promote, together with the customer to meet the challenges in the key technology of semiconductor process, collaborative customer made in the process of chip development and production technology optimization and performance improvement, in the field of prober, society, not only provide a prober, provide more advanced wafer probe technology, focus on how to quickly from the surface of the wafer to precision instrument more stable signal, to achieve more accurate reliability test, and ultimately help customers quickly achieve technology.

Advanced wafer probe technology helps semiconductor industry application development


Chuck Air bearing move™ technology

High - Performance technology provides a wafer can be easily move quickly and firmly lock the wafer testing displacement device and wafer testing machine is used by the base set a surface seal area, seating area and set up a relatively smooth plane form sealed cavity, and Settings can generate High pressure and low pressure gas generator, the sealing area, connected in produce High pressure gas, High pressure gas buoyancy make samples bearing structure is easy to move;When the low-pressure gas is generated, the vacuum suction generated by the low-pressure gas makes the sample bearing structure firmly fixed, which can easily and quickly move the wafer and firmly lock it.

Application direction: WAFER I-V/C-V test RF/mmW test MEMS Hall test HIGH voltage/high current test LD/LED/PD Test PCB/ package device test chip internal circuit/electrode /PAD test, etc.

H series is a high-end comprehensive manual test probe configuration, the device has excellent stability and maneuverability, high test precision, better than the rest of the industry prober unique pneumatic chuck mobile technology flexible UPStart modular structure design of three needle lift platform to enhance sexual shockproof system, at the same time late device can support scalable, loadable laser repair kits, meet the demand of customers a variety of testing applications, truly achieve more than one application.


SpecialConditions™ technology

The test probe table and test method for semiconductor devices provided by SpecialConditions can effectively create an integrated high-temperature and low-temperature vacuum and other test environment by setting up a vacuum cavity radiation-proof screen and other structures, which can provide a stable test environment for the semiconductor devices produced.

Application: chip test LD/LED/PD test optical fiber spectrum characteristics Test Material/device IV/CV characteristics test Hall test electromagnetic transport characteristics high frequency characteristics test, etc.

SCG launched series is the first domestic company independent research and development of high and low temperature vacuum prober, the equipment by Harbin Institute of Technology in 2016 to participate in and China aerospace science and technology group, to build the space environment of ground simulation device part of the core project design of the project, in turn, ultra high vacuum, automatic control, laser simulation plays a SEMISHARE unique technical advantages, is an innovative SEMISHARE technology accumulated for years.


ThreeInone™ technology

ThreeInone technology is to provide a kind of probe bench with high stability performance and semi-automatic wafer testing equipment. Through the stable structure of probe bench with low center of gravity, the problem that the equipment is easy to shake and affect the test accuracy in wafer testing is solved. Finally, the work of probe bench with high stability performance is guaranteed to make the test reach high precision.

(Three ZOOM) 3-fold imaging system

SEMISHARE 3 ZOOM patent microscope, the industry's unique multi-field tripling with the same focal optical path system, optical 120X 2000X magnification, size multi-field display at the same time, can make the point needle more convenient operation;It can be used with semi-automatic X series probe bench to meet the testing requirements of wafer and various devices, with high compatibility and significantly improving the testing efficiency.

Application direction: Various kinds of devices Wafer et al conduct characteristics analysis of I-V C-V optical signal RF 1/ F noise, etc., RF test, high-power Wafer test, etc.

X series is currently the fastest test run in the industry (& GT;70mm/s) is a semi-automatic wafer probe platform with the highest test accuracy (1 m). It is specialized in testing the performance of various advanced chips and integrates various functions such as electric light wave and microwave. Meanwhile, it has the highest temperature wide area (-60-300) in the industry, which can match various test application environments and effectively improve the test efficiency by over 40%.Equipped with rich software testing functions, it provides excellent reliability testing for all kinds of advanced wafer devices, greatly improving the technological level and yield rate of tested products.


High-Performance™ technology

High-performance technology provides a highly stable fully automatic wafer probe table and fully automatic wafer test equipment. Through the multi-reinforcement stable structure of fully automatic wafer probe table, it solves the problem that the equipment is easy to shake during wafer test and affects the test accuracy, thus ensuring the motion stability and precision of the probe table during wafer test.

Application direction: Wafer testing, all kinds of devices, Wafer, etc., for i-V, C-V, optical signal, RF, 1/ F noise and other characteristics analysis, RF testing, etc.

A series is the first high-end domestic independent research and development production of fully automatic production prober, the probe station has high testing precision and super fast test speed, the world first-class temperature control system, has automatic up-down material, automatic wafer alignment, automatic wafer center, automatic test diesize, etc, has the identification function of wafer ID at the same time, can be A single point test can also be continuous testing, test software feature-rich, while to ensure that the test precision has high testing speed, heavily for the enterprise to gain test speed, greatly improve the productivity and efficiency.

SEMISHARE advanced wafer probe technology has been widely used in the semiconductor industry panel industry research institutes and universities more than 1000 domestic customers, help the industry application, promote the overall development of the semiconductor industry in China.

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Why should wafer testing engineers seriously evaluate SEMISHARE while selecting their advanced test probe partner?

Engineers must partner SEMISHARE for purpose-built test probes considering 15+ years exclusive focus delivering optimal semiconductor validation solutions applied across thousands of universities and companies globally via unparalled expert guidance through customer-tailored R&D strength, Tech support translating technical needs into tangible solutions reliably via quality commitment.

What are the typical steps in an automated wafer testing sequence using wafer probers? How is hardware/software interaction achieved?

Wafer probers automate the sequence - load, align, touchdown by fine positioning control, self-leveling, test parallel devices applying programmed stimuli before unloading. System integration frameworks seamlessly orchestrate tester, probes, wafer-handlers with host algorithms and analytics software.

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