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Semi-automatic probe station applications

Release time:2020-08-27Source: SEMISHARE

An integrated on-chip test solution developed for semi-automatic probe bench testing of 8-inch wafers, plus the ability to accurately measure performance with high-frequency microwave heating, high voltage and high current flow. Select aluminum alloy profile electroplating to ensure low contact resistance, wafer resolution and power mismatch throughout the test process, as well as maintenance of low noise and shielding from the natural environment.

  In order to ensure the life safety of high voltage test, sX-12 probe bench selects the software organization of safety self-locking interlock system and the software cascade of test system. The monitoring software of the semi-automatic probe table is simple and visualized to manipulate the walking motor of the carrier plate XYZ in three directions to move. The wafer pattern is all over narration, integrated IC image orientation, coordinate positioning and other functions. In addition, the classic four-direction mini position operating keyboard is equipped. ATE2.0 Wafer main Parameters Automatic test Mobile software can operate a variety of test instruments and equipment, including semiconductor material main parameters analyzer, Internet analyzer, characteristic impedance analyzer, etc., suitable for automatic test probe table, keep the wafer in the automatic technology of mass selection test.

SX series semi-automatic prober with current industry KuanQu and testing accuracy of the test speed, the highest temperature, electricity, light, microwave, and test functions at an organic whole, can be equipped with corresponding instruments, for all kinds of devices, such as Wafer, C - I - V V, light signal, RF, 1 / f noise characteristics analysis, for all kinds of Wafer devices to provide efficient and accurate reliability test; With rich functions and convenient operation process, the SEMISHARE R & D team has been constantly innovating and optimizing on the basis of years of technical accumulation. It is a comprehensive multi-functional automatic measurement equipment specialized in dealing with various advanced performance tests, which greatly improves the development and mass production schedule of chips.

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