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Vacuum High And Low Temperature Environment Testing Technology

Vacuum High And Low Temperature Environment Testing Technology

Semiconductor Testing Technology - SEMISHARE Prober

Semiconductor test and testing processes at SEMISHARE Prober are highly advanced. Upgrade your semiconductor testing capabilities with our technology.


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The slightest loss is a thousand miles away, SCG high and low temperature vacuum probe station helps the future of chip technology

As an intelligent carrier, chip has activated massive market demand. With the reduction of chip size and line, the requirements on testing equipment have become higher and higher, and the test of semiconductor material devices has become more and more important.

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Technical Background

With the development of aerospace technology, some of the high reliability and high performance semiconductor devices, especially the core aerospace components, has become a measure of a country the important symbol of the levels of aerospace science and technology but because of China's integrated circuit industry foundation is weak, the semiconductor device mainly rely on import, not only the high cost of import channels without quality assurance, more there is great potential safety hazard, such as chip implanted trojans structure for this, must have their own research and development at the core of the device.

Face the Challenge

In the chip development and manufacturing process, in order to ensure that the device can withstand the harsh environment such as cold black and hot vacuum magnetic particle photon radiation in space, it is necessary to create a high temperature and low temperature vacuum magnetic field, light particle irradiation and other environment for the device, and then let the device work in it to observe whether the electrical parameters of the device are normal under different environments.

Technical Summary

Patent NameSpecialConditionsTM Technology

Patent TypePatented Technology

Patent Application Number:201910551107.8

SpecialConditionsTM technology provides a semiconductor device test probe station and semiconductor device test method. By setting up a vacuum cavity radiation-proof screen and other structures, it can effectively create an integrated high-temperature and low-temperature vacuum test environment and provide a stable test environment for the semiconductor device produced.

Application Cases

  • National University of Singapore
  • SEMISHARE CG-C-2 Probe Station

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