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SEMISHARE invites you to gather in Chongqing, Munich and Guangzhou in November to discuss advanced wafer testing solutions!

Release time:2023-11-08Source: SEMISHARE

List of SEMISHARE activities in November

In November 2023, SEMISHARE will participate in exhibitions in Chongqing, Munich, and Guangzhou to share advanced wafer testing solutions. At the same time, we have prepared a wealth of product information and business travel gifts to share with you! Looking forward to your visit~

① 11.10-12 

2023 Symposium on Micro&Nano Optoelectronic Thin Films and Devices



With the theme of semiconductor micro-nano optoelectronic films and devices, this seminar will comprehensively discuss the cutting-edge scientific research on semiconductor optoelectronic materials, films and devices. Ms. Zhu Qiuyuan, our deputy sales director, will deliver a wonderful speech and we look forward to your visit!

                Lecture title: The role of probe stations in the field of micro-nano optoelectronic testing

                Lecture time: November 11, 15:20-15:35

                Lecture location: Venue 12




From November 14th to 17th, SEMICON Europa 2023, a highly influential event in the European electronics manufacturing field, was held concurrently with Productronica, and the European semiconductor industry gathered in Munich. SEMISHARE will bring its stable and efficient advanced wafer-level testing solutions to the SEMICON Europa 2023. We look forward to your visit and discussions with our engineers!



③ 11.23-25

The 9th National Symposium on New Semiconductor Power Devices and Application Technology and the Third Generation Semiconductor Industry Integration and Innovation Development (Guangzhou) Forum

As a senior manufacturer in the field of domestic semiconductor testing equipment, we are honored to be an exhibitor at the 9th National New Semiconductor Power Devices and Application Technology Seminar and the Integrated Innovation Development of the Third Generation Semiconductor Industry hosted by the Semiconductor Discrete Devices Branch of the China Semiconductor Industry Association. Guangzhou) Forum". 

The third generation of semiconductor testing faces many challenges and difficulties, mainly due to the introduction of new semiconductor materials and structures, as well as the increased complexity brought by higher integration and performance requirements. The SEMISHARE team will bring our Classic products and testing solutions for third-generation semiconductors. We sincerely invite you to come to our booth to discuss wafer testing solutions!

Test solutions for third generation semiconductors

  Maximum voltage 10kV, maximum current 500A

6 inches to 12 inches, manual/semi-automatic/fully automatic


mΩ level chuck contact resistance

Supports thin slice, taiko, and warped wafer testing

Complete set of high pressure and high flow probes

The high-performance airtight darkroom effectively shields EMI, light and noise while maintaining a dry positive pressure environment, and the samples are frost-free at low temperatures

The optimized chamber structure of the darkroom can greatly reduce drying gas consumption

High voltage protection

   High pressure gold plated chuck

 High voltage and high current probe

   High efficiency and high precision

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