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Quickly understand the SEMISHARE probe station in one minute

Release time:2020-08-26Source: SEMISHARE

With the rapid development of 5G, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other emerging technologies, intelligent products of science and technology have increasingly penetrated into our daily work and life, and the composition of these intelligent products cannot be separated from a core important component -- chip. The chip must be known to all, so today we will first introduce an important part of the chip test - probe station detection.


Purpose of probe station

As the name suggests, the probe station mainly provides a test platform for testing the electrical parameters of semiconductor chips. The probe station can absorb chips of various specifications and provide multiple adjustable test needles and probe seats. With the help of the measuring instrument, the voltage, current, resistance and capacitance voltage characteristic curve and other parameters of integrated circuits can be tested. Suitable for scientific research analysis, spot check and detection of chips.

Probe stations are mainly used in semiconductor, optoelectronic, integrated circuit and package testing. Widely used in the development of sophisticated electrical measurements for complex, high-speed devices to ensure quality and reliability, and to reduce the development time and cost of the device manufacturing process.

From the operation to distinguish the probe station has:Manual, semi-automatic, automatic

From the perspective of function, the probe table coversTemperature control probe station, vacuum probe station (ultra-low temperature probe station), RF probe station, LCD flat panel probe station, Hall effect probe station, surface resistivity probe station.


Usage of probe station

Take the manual probe table as an example. The use mode of the probe table is:

1.Load the sample into the vacuum chuck and open the vacuum valve control switch to make the sample securely and firmly adsorbed on the chuck.

2.Use the Chuck X /Y control knob to move the chuck platform and see the samples clearly under the microscope low-power objective focus.

3.Use the Chuck X /Y control knob to move the chuck platform to move the sample test point to the microscope.

4.The microscope was changed to a high-power objective lens, and the measuring point was found under the high-power condition. Then, the focus of the microscope and x-Y of the sample were fine-tuned to adjust the image clearly, with the measuring point in the center of the field of view of the microscope.

5.Specific position to confirm good, then adjust the position of the probe holder, to mount a probe after eye view to probe will be moved to the next to close to the location of the specific, to use the probe more X - Y - Z three tuning knob, slowly remove the probe to be measuring point, actions need to be careful and slow at this time, to prevent excessive action of hitting chip, when the probe tip dangling in was over the station, can use first Y knob to back off a bit, a probe to use the Z axis knob on the needle, the last is about the use of the X axis knob sliding, observe whether there is a little scratch, prove whether have contact;

6.After ensuring good contact between the tip and the measured point, the test can be started through the connected test equipment.


Specification of probe station

Take the SH series high configuration analysis probe station of Semir as an example

Back electrode test function: the sample table is electrically suspended independently.

U-shaped platform for up to 12 pins.

The platform can be lifted and lowered quickly with a stroke of 6mm and automatic locking function; It can be fine-tuned up and down, with a stroke of 25mm and a lifting accuracy of 1um.

The microscope is rapidly tilted at 30 degrees with a moving precision of 1um.

Optical microscope 20~4000X magnification.

Mechanical accuracy: 0.1 micron.

X-y-z stroke: 12mm-12mm-12mm.

Optional accessories:

Laser micro processing/fixture/dark field microscope probe card/DIC/Normarski detection wavelength light intensity/test interface component/liquid crystal hot spot detection kit/high voltage/high current test suit/high/low temperature heating samples/shielding box/joint/rest/gold plated chuck chuck/coaxial three axis/light/wavelength option/rf testing accessories/active probe/low current/capacitance test option/fiber/compatible with integral ball clamp coupling testing options/packaging components/packaging/PCB fixture test option/special custom.

In addition, SH high configuration series also has several bright spots to watch

• Pneumatic chuck moving technology

Through the corresponding air float switch, three fast moving modes are provided: fast moving in the X/Y direction with one hand, fast moving in the full plane of the sample table with two hands;

Compared with the ordinary air-floating sample table, the air-floating movement of SH can not only easily and quickly move the sample table to load the wafers, but also carry out accurate positioning test on a single DIE in the X/Y direction, so as to achieve efficient wafer testing.

• Large handle differential head drive

Chuck mobile platform is equipped with coarse adjustment and fine adjustment functions. The fine adjustment knob Mitutoyo big handle drives the differential head. Compared with the traditional small differential head adjustment, the operation handle is more comfortable, the adjustment is smoother and there is no backtrip difference.

• Three-stage lifting needle seat platform

Three-step needle platform quick lifting (0300 um, 3 mm) + fine-tuning resolution (40 mm, mobile 2 ~ 5 um), x - y, z three directions repeatability is better than that of plus or minus 1 um, repeatable mu (1 m) needle base platform has three discrete location, used for contact, separation (300 microns) and load (3 mm), with a safety lock device, and can prevent the probe or wafer of accidental damage at the same time, provide intuitive control and accurate positioning, contact to achieve the most accurate measuring result, this feature is important in the high frequency and high power test.

• Microscopic air-controlled lifting adjustment

• Air floating self-balancing shock table

• Loadable lasers

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