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Warmly welcome the Huawei research team to SEMISHARE for a field visit

Release time:2019-04-22Source: SEMISHARE

After SEMICON CHINA 2019, we welcomed a 7-member research team from Huawei Technologies Co., LTD., including Guo Bo and Zhang Bo, to SEMISAHRE for field visit and investigation.

Company in south China area sales director Ms  Dora  on behalf of all members SEMISHARE Guo Bo, mina line of the arrival of a warm welcome, and with the company sales and technical colleagues accompanied by huawei technologies delegation visited SEMISAHRE production workshop, detailed introduces the company's products and services, etc., and huawei team of mechanical, electrical, optical, experts put forward all kinds of technical problems such as software, made a detailed answer one by one.

During this field visit, the Huawei technical team was deeply impressed by SEMISAHRE's orderly production process, strict quality control and harmonious working atmosphere. Thanks to the Huawei team's affirmation and high evaluation of SEMISHARE probe platform equipment, we are proud to help build an intelligent world connected by Everything with Huawei technologies!

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