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    The 20th "Shenzhen Well-Known Brands" list has been finalized, and the advanced probe station manufacturer-SEMISHARE was successfully selected!

    Release time:2023-03-24Source: SEMISHARE

    selection process

    SEMISHARE relies on
    Strong scientific research strength
    High market share
    High brand awareness
    Successfully selected the 20th "Shenzhen Famous Brand"!

    selection process

    A week ago, the Shenzhen Famous Brand Evaluation Committee held a review meeting. For the twentieth "Shenzhen Famous Brands" cultivation and evaluation activity launched in April 2022, after comprehensive evaluations such as on-site evaluation, public voting, industry status evaluation, and brand value evaluation, members of the evaluation committee reviewed and selected candidate brands . After the on-site notarization by the Shenzhen Notary Office in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, the list of recognized and selected brands was determined. After a 7-day public announcement, the new list was finally settled, and Sammy Sher was successfully selected.