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Work together to build brilliance | SEMISHARE 2023 Spring Festival Gala was successfully held

Release time:2023-02-01Source: SEMISHARE

The Year of the Rabbit welcomes the spring, and Vientiane is renewed.

On the occasion of saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming the new year, all SEMISHARE staff gathered together on the evening of January 12th and held a grand Spring Festival dinner to celebrate the arrival of 2023, share the harvest and joy of the past, and imagine a better tomorrow and future together !

Under the enthusiastic opening remarks of the host, the 2023 SEMISHARE Welcome Dinner officially kicked off.

leader's speech

General Manager Liu Shiwen and Deputy General Manager Sheng Yanhua delivered speeches at the dinner. They expressed their sincere gratitude to all SEMISHARE colleagues for their enthusiastic work and unremitting efforts in 2022. At the same time, we also firmly believe in the company's development. In the future, SEMISHARE will become a technological innovation enterprise with international competitiveness, making SEMISHARE the world's leading supplier of semiconductor equipment!

SEMISHARE General Manager-Liu Shiwen

Deputy General Manager of SEMISHARE-Sheng Yanhua


no pain no gain. In 2022, there are setbacks and successes. Every progress and growth of SEMISHARE is inseparable from them. This group of respectable and lovely people. They set an example, shining as an ordinary dart nail. At the end of the speech, SEMISHARE affirmed and rewarded the outstanding newcomers, individuals and managers in 2022.

Outstanding Newcomer Awards

Outstanding Staff Awards

Excellent Management Awards

回Looking back at 2022, we are united and hardworking, forging ahead. Under the circumstance of uncertain external environment, the stable development of production and operation has been realized. All the staff of SEMISHARE go hand in hand to rise against the trend and create a new history.
Looking forward to 2023, we will continue to forge ahead with one heart and one dream. We will be more confident, fuller of enthusiasm, more high-spirited fighting spirit, give full play to all our wisdom and energy, and write a new chapter of the company's development!

In 2023, let us join hands, ride the wind and waves, and make great achievements!

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