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SEMISHARE has passed the five-star certification of commodity after-sales service system

Release time:2022-03-21Source: SEMISHARE

Recently, SEMISHARE (Shenzhen Senmei Xieer Technology Co., Ltd.) has passed the five-star certification of commodity after-sales service system (GB/T29722-2011). After-sales service certification is an authoritative certification approved by the state, and it is the most extensive one in service certification, which can reflect the overall level of after-sales service of enterprises.

The "Commodity After-sales Service Evaluation System" standard is a standard of evaluation nature. The result of the certification is to prove that the enterprise has implemented after-sales service in accordance with the standard and has reached a certain level (star), which is to measure the service ability according to the evaluation score. High and low, the total score is 100 points (of which the five-star after-sales service is the highest standard, and the representative score has reached more than 95 points).

 Above 70 points (including 70) is the standard-level after-sales service;
 Above 80 points (including 80) are three-star after-sales service;
 Above 90 points (including 90) are four-star after-sales service;
 Above 95 points (including 98) are five-star after-sales service.

Five-star certification process of SEMISHARE commodity after-sales service system


According to the standards of GB/T29722-2011 commodity after-sales service evaluation system, establish service management manuals, program documents, processes and operating standards


The evaluation of the after-sales service system of commodities is carried out, and the evaluation score is 98.5 points from the aspects of after-sales service system, commodity service and customer service.


Through the review of the commodity after-sales service system


Apply for the authoritative certification approved by the state and conduct third-party evaluation of SEMISHARE's after-sales service certification

Feb 24 to 25.2022

On-site evaluation, through a large amount of objective evidence, the evaluation score is 95.3 points, and it has obtained the highest star standard (five-star) certification. At the same time, it provides new ideas and directions for continuous improvement through internal and external evaluation. SEMISHARE will also continue to optimize the after-sales service system.

Since its establishment, SEMISHARE has been adhering to the service concept of "customer first, active enthusiasm, timely and thoughtful, quick response", establishing the enterprise with quality and serve sincerely!

SEMISHARE is committed to providing customers with a full range of support services such as product consulting, solution construction, product customization, delivery acceptance, skills training, follow-up maintenance, etc., so that your time and investment can achieve greater effectiveness. As long as you contact us through our official website, telephone or email, professional technical experts will provide you with systematic services. We strive to establish a closed matrix covering the entire life cycle of equipment from service efficiency, service speed, maintenance cost, and quality standards, and integrate your service behaviors from before purchase to equipment purchase and after equipment operation into a customer-oriented value. chain, creating a new era of value chain services.

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