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What accuracy can semi-automatic probe station made in China achieve?

Release time:2021-09-03Source: semishare

According to SEMI statistics, in 2020 and 2021, the global semiconductor test equipment market may reach 5.22 billion U.S. dollars and 5.61 billion U.S. dollars, respectively. With the development of domestic semiconductor technology and the establishment of multiple fabs and laboratories, the domestic probe station market will be about 1.025 billion yuan in 2019 and will grow to 1.569 billion yuan in 2022.

With the rapid development of the semiconductor industry, the processing area of semiconductor products has shrunk and the degree of complexity has increased day by day. The manufacturing equipment required to produce semiconductor products requires the comprehensive use of mechanical, optics, physics, chemistry and other disciplines and technologies, which have high technical barriers and manufacturing difficulties. Large and high R&D investment features. The probe station is an important semiconductor testing equipment, and it plays an important role in multiple links of the entire semiconductor industry. It is one of the important equipment for wafer manufacturers and component packaging and testing companies. With the rapid development of automation technology, the market has a strong demand for automated probe stations. The automated probe station and the testing machine can test the electrical and optical parameters of the factory wafers, evaluate the process quality of the previous process based on the test results, and guide the next process.

The X series semi-automatic probe station developed by SEMISHARE is a high-precision probe station and has successfully achieved mass production and obtained batch orders from leading domestic companies. Its technical indicators can reach the international leading level, and some parameters are even better than the international first-line brands. Shenzhen Metrology and Quality Inspection Institute has recently completed the inspection of the semi-automatic wafer probe station X series and issued the corresponding inspection report.

X series probe station Chuck X, Y, Z, Theta four-axis motion system

1. The base plate is designed based on castings, so that the stability of the movement is improved, and the weight of the base plate is also improved in terms of shock isolation performance.

2. The motion system uses Japanese high-rigidity, high-precision guide rails and screw rods; the feedback detection system uses a 0.1μm resolution grating ruler and the imported motion control card and the motor to form the entire closed-loop feedback detection to ensure high accuracy High temperature exercise system.

3. The entire four-dimensional movement is designed into a compact structure with a low center of gravity, ensuring that its speed can reach 70mm/s, and can improve the acceleration during the movement.

4. The key parts are treated with conductive surface to ensure that each position can be grounded.

High-performance airtight dark room effectively shields EMI

The cavity adopts a conductive processing technology to ensure the conduction state between the parts to achieve a full shielding effect, reduce system noise, effectively shield external interference, and provide low leakage current protection, which provides the best for weak electrical signal testing The test environment; At the same time, pay attention to the matching of parts and assembly, while ensuring the internal airtightness. Realization of shielding cavity: Leakage≤±10fA@-65℃~+125℃. For some special devices/wafers, environmental simulation tests need to be performed at high and low temperatures, which effectively avoids moisture in the air from condensing on the sample Or the presence of frost, through the characteristics of the air flow, fills the sealed cavity, so that the dew point of the gas in the cavity is reduced until it reaches a certain dew point.

Industry-leading 3ZOOM™ imaging technology

Built-in SEMISHARE patented microscope 3 ZOOM multi-field, three-fold confocal optical path system, optical 120X-2000X zoom magnification, simultaneous display of multiple fields of view, convenient operation of the needle, high stability, high-definition precise positioning image Output and high-precision measurement and dynamic monitoring.

Self-developed software integration system (2019SR1388753), with stronger compatibility

●Support semi-automatic control (manual test, automatic test available)

●Automatic Wafer calibration, automatic Wafer mapping, automatic Die size measurement, automatic Align, automatic test data can be accessed remotely

●One-key automatic calibration of RF probe module, automatic needle clearing function

●One-button adaptive four-axis Chuck precision calibration, support micron-level Pad point measurement

●Support single point test or continuous test

● Powerful data storage capacity and data processing capacity

●The test result can be divided into BIN value, and the device can be judged as NG

●Multi-system integration function, can independently upgrade operating system, application system and device test system

The marketing network covers the whole world and responds quickly to customer needs

SEMISHARE has successively set up a marketing service network in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, and other countries, and responds to customers 7*24h through a professional FAE technical team.

on-site support:

We pay attention to the market, pay more attention to the needs of each customer, and strive to ensure that customers' time and input and output are maximized.

(The picture shows the semi-automatic wafer probe station ordered by the customer, and the installation, commissioning, and acceptance will be completed within 3 days)

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