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Build an advanced integrated circuit laboratory, SEMISHARE empowers the education of semiconductor talents in universities

Release time:2021-05-28Source: semishare

In the establishment and transformation of university laboratories and the upgrading of hardware facilities, manual prober have become necessary test equipment in the laboratory.When selecting prober, teachers in universities should not only consider the use of equipment with high test accuracy standards under the premise of limited budget, but also consider the reuse of equipment in the future to avoid waste of educational resource costs.Summarize the main requirements of the prober purchased for laboratory as follows:


l Based on the requirements of university laboratory environment, the equipment can save the space occupied by the equipment on the premise of ensuring high precision test

l Under the premise of not lowering the quality of professional testing standards, we provide more competitively priced probe station equipment.


l The operation is simpler and more convenient, minimizing the working time of using operation training

l Stable performance and high test accuracy

l Quickly obtain measurement data


l Strong applicability, equipped with test modules according to different test requirements

l High functionality, when demand increases, equipment upgrades and function expansions can be carried out again

Based on our SEMISHARE's accumulated market success stories in universities and laboratories for many years, we recommend the following three manual probe station solutions for customers' reference based on the above customer needs:

>M series simple small prober

An economical wafer test prober based on university education and laboratories. The ergonomic design is simple to operate, and the compact structure design greatly reduces the space occupied by the equipment. On the premise of ensuring high-precision testing, it is very cost-effective. If your test PAD is greater than 30um, M series is one of your preferred equipment in the laboratory.

>E Series Economical Prober

Excellent mechanical system, stable structural performance, more convenient operation, support for multi-functional upgrades, and richer product functions. Compatible with high-magnification metallurgical microscope, fine-tuning movement; coaxial drive chuck, high movement precision; precision screw drive structure, high-precision movement of the system.

>H Series Comprehensive Prober

The equipment has excellent stability and operability, and the test accuracy is higher than other brands in the industry. The unique pneumatic control chuck movement technology and flexible UPStart modular structure design realize one machine with multiple applications and enhanced shock resistance. The system and equipment can support later expansion and upgrade to meet the needs of a variety of test applications. It can be reconfigured and upgraded no matter when the test requirements increase or change now and in the future. This equipment is very suitable for R&D centers and major university laboratories. Purchase investment of sexual budget.

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