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    E Series 150mm Economical Manual Probe Station

    Product Overview

    SE series probe stand has excellent mechanical system, stable structure and performance, ergonomic design, more convenient operation, support multi-function upgrade, more abundant product functions. The product is mainly used in the manufacturing and research fields of integrated circuit,LED,LCD, solar cell and other industries.

    Basic Information

    Product number E6 working environment Open type
    electricity demand 220V,50~60Hz Control method Manual Probe Station
    Product Size 640mm long *700mm wide *730mm high equipment weight About 80 kg

    Application direction

    LD/LED/PD Light intensity/wavelength test electrode /PAD test PCB/ package device Test material/device IV/CV characteristic test device high-frequency characteristic test (up to 300GHZ frequency) rf test, etc.

    Technical characteristics

    Product Feature

    ●High cost performance configuration, affordable price. ●Ergonomic design, convenient and comfortable to operate. ●Leading internal anti - shock system device, more stable operation. ●Compatible with high power metallographic microscope for fine adjustment and movement. ●Precise screw drive structure, high precision motion system. ●No backtrip difference design, accurate positioning. ●Coaxial drive chuck, high moving precision. ●Support for loading upgrade.

    Model SE series
    Style SE-4 SE-6 SE-8 SE-12
    L: 580mm*
    W: 620mm*
    H: 730mm
    L: 640mm*
    W: 700mm*
    H: 730mm
    L: 660mm*
    W: 660mm*
    H: 700mm
    L: 1030mm*
    W: 820mm*
    H: 730mm
    Weight (about) 70KG 80KG 85KG 180KG
    Electricity Demand 220VC, 50~60Hz
    Chuck Size & Rotation angle 4", 360° Rotation 6", 360° Rotation 8", 360° Rotation 12", 360° Rotation
    X-Y  Travel Range 4" * 4" 6" * 6" 8" * 8" 12" * 12"
    Z Travel Range 6mm (Fast switching) / 6mm (Fine-tune)
    Moving Resolution 10μm
    Sample fixed mode Vacuum adsorption
    Electrical design Electrical Floating with Banana plug adapter, can be used as a backside electrode
    Platen U Shape 6 micropositioners available 8 micropositioners available 10 micropositioners avaible 12 micropositioners available
    Microscope Moving range X-Y : 2" * 2",  Z : 50.8mm
    Moving Resolution 1μm
    Switching lens mode Microscope Manually Tilting 30°by Lever
    Magnification 16~100X/20~4000X
    Lens specification Eyepiece: 10X ; Objective lens : 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X 100XOption
    CCD Pixel 50W (Analog) / 200W (Digital) / 500W (Digital)
    Micropositioner X-Y-Z Moving range 12mm-12mm-12mm / 8mm-8mm-8mm
    Mechanical resolution 10μm / 2μm / 0.7μm / 0.1μm
    Current leakage accuracy 10pA / 100fA (when with Shielding Box
    Cable connectors Banana head  / Crocodile clip /  Coaxial / Triaxial
    Application IC/LD/LED/PD test, PCB / Packaged device test, RF test etc.
    Optional Accessories Microscope tilt mechanism (Tilting 30°Manually by Lever) Gold-plated chuck
    Microscope pneumatic lifting mechanism Coaxial / Triaxial chuck
    Laser cutting and repairing Chuck quick pull-out mechanism
    Probe clamp Chuck rotation fine adjustment

    Dark field of microscope / DIC / Normarski test, Light intensity

    / wavelength test interface accessory

    Light intensity / wavelength selection
    Liquid crystal leakage analysis package RF Testing accessoriess
    High voltage and high current measurement package Active probe
    Hot chuck Low current / Capacitance test
    High/Low temprature chuck intergration of intergral sphere
    Shielding box Fixture for Fibre optic coupler test
    Special adapter Fixture of PCB / Package test options
    Vibration free table Special Custom design
    Charancteristic 1. Gantry design of the Microscope
    2. The Microscope can be tilted or pneumatic lifted to change objective lens easily
    3. Can be upgraded to do RF, high current testing and laser repair applications.
    4. high moving accuracy
    Compact design, affordable price Driver Screws: Zero back lash
    Compatible with high magnification metallographic microscope, and can fine tune the movement Available for 1um electrode / PAD probe
    University / Institute / Company laboratory use LD/LED/PD Light intensity / wavelength testing
    Up to 12 inch wafer testing IV/CV Characteristic testing of materials / devices
    Precision  lead screw drive structure, linear movement

    High frequency characteristic test of devices

    (up to 300GHz)

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