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    Semi-Automatic Probe Station Measurement Technology

    Semi-Automatic Probe Station Measurement Technology

    Technical Background

    With the rapid development of China's semiconductor technology, multiple 12-inch wafer plant and the establishment of laboratories, gradually appeared to 12-inch wafer testing Probe needs to improve, now 12-inch wafer Prober mostly depends on import equipment , and presents the status of the demand greater than supply, so the domestic is an urgent need to research and development of China's autonomous 12-inch wafer testing equipment, to solve the dilemma in the only rely on foreign imports.

    Face the Challenge

    The existing semiconductor chip test probe stations in China are prone to shake after a long time of work. During the operation of the probe, the probe station is unstable and prone to test errors, which brings inconvenience to users.

    Technical Summary

    Technology Name: A semi-automatic wafer probe bench Test measurement technology (ThreeInoneTM technology)

    Patent Type: Invention Technology Patent

    Patent Number: 201910551072.8

    ThreeInoneTM technology provides a probe bench with high stability and semi-automatic wafer testing equipment. Through the stable structure of low center of gravity, the problem that the equipment is easy to shake and affect the test accuracy in wafer testing is solved, and the high stability performance of probe bench is guaranteed finally, so that the test can reach the high precision.

    The equipment is also equipped with the industry leading ThreeZoomTM microscope. For compatibility with 6 inch, 8 inch and 12 inch wafers, the imaging effect of ThreeZoomTM can be observed in the image without lens and multiplier switching. Meanwhile, the rendering of ThreeZoomTM can satisfy the wafer and most samples in the laboratory, with high compatibility, and also improve the efficiency of each test.

    Technical Description

    A probe table provided by ThreeInoneTM technology for wafer testing comprises a first moving mechanism, a second moving mechanism, and a third moving mechanism whose base area decreases in order and is stacked upward in order; The probe table controls the wafer to reciprocate and rotate in the first, second and third directions through the first motion mechanism, the second motion mechanism and the third direction.

    Further, the first motion mechanism comprises a casting bottom plate and a plurality of first guides arranged in the first direction on the casting bottom plate, and the first guide rail is a rigid porous structure.

    Further, the first, second and third directions are perpendicular to each other, the first direction is parallel to the second direction, and the third direction is perpendicular to the horizontal plane.

    Further, the first motion mechanism also includes a first motor, and the first motor drives the components on the first guide rail to move in the first direction.

    Further, the second motion mechanism comprises a bottom plate and a second guide rail and a second motor arranged in the second direction on the bottom plate, and the second motor drives the components on the second guide rail to move in the second direction.

    Further, the third motion mechanism comprises a third motor, guide shaft, roof and rotating motor set along the third direction. The third motor drives components fixed on the guide shaft to move along the third direction, and the rotating motor drives the roof to rotate in the third direction as the axis.

    Further, the probe table also includes a shell with the first moving mechanism, the second moving mechanism and the third moving mechanism embedded in the shell. The shell is a dry sealed structure and both internal and external surfaces can conduct electricity.

    ThreeInoneTM technology also provides a semi-automatic wafer testing equipment, including the probe table and a microscope located above the probe table; The microscope simultaneously provides three multiplicity images for testing compatible with 6 -, 8 - and 12-inch wafers.

    Further, the microscope consists of a shell, an objective lens on the outer bottom of the shell, three sets of camera components built into the shell with different height, and a reflector on the inner bottom of the shell. The reflector refracts the light paths of the three sets of camera components and summarizes them into the objective lens.

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