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Test Solution

High Power Device Testing

1.1.1.Technical Background

In recent years with the rapid development of rf semiconductor industry, rf microwave technology is widely applied in wireless cellular communication satellite communication GPS car navigation radar intelligent electronic toll collection system and military communications and other fields, cities also have continued to cover open 5 g high power separate components (such as power transistor power diodes for vertical/horizontal direction and components such as brake fluid) or electrical measurement of high power amplifier are high power device testing.

1.1.2.Needs and Challenges

With more than 500 V (high voltage) and/or more than 1 A (high current) or dc measurement of pulse high power device wafer characterization and application of the following challenges: the wafer carrier to the contact resistance on the reverse side of the wafer/high current element metal pad is damaged/burn out in high voltage and low leakage flow under different temperature condition measurement/high voltage/lath circular arc processing/safety test environment.

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