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Test Solution

High Frequency Measurement

1.1.1.Technical Background

In recent years, with the rapid development of RF semiconductor industry, RF microwave technology has been widely used in wireless cellular communication, satellite communication, GPS positioning, navigation, vehicle radar, intelligent electronic toll collection system, military communication and other fields. Many cities have also opened 5G networks to continuously cover wafer-level RF and millimeter wave (RF & AMP;MmW) characterization is RF and millimeter wave integrated circuits design debugging, as well as a key part of the highly efficient semiconductor device modeling due to the wafer level RF test equipment (such as: vector network analyzer rising frequency impedance tuner coupling device Bias - Ts and many other system components) the erection of integration with high complexity and particularity demand, SEMISHARE  for this are the precision of measurement, quite a lot of work.

1.1.2.Needs And Challenges

Radio frequency measurement demand mainly covers the RF power and RF noise characteristics describe the size of signal measurement S parameter signal source load pull move the impedance matching these applications are challenging prober system such as the mechanical stability of the shortest transmission path measurement to the best direction for a long time for different types of metal to be tested on repetitive and high consistency of spot measurement ability and whether can accurate correction to the end of the object under test.

  • Device Configuration

    >SS-100 ProbeLearn More

    >SEMISHARE H8 Probe StationLearn More

  • Test Object

    The ratio test of the wave-measure of microwave device S parameter is carried out, including amplitude phase delay and other tests.

  • Measurement Accuracy

    1. Chuck size not less than 6 inches,X-Y-Z movement stroke not less than 150mm 150mm 10mm, compatible with manual and semi-automatic control mode, corresponding precision 0.1 m 0.1 m 0.1 m, Theta axis electric rotation 5, precision 0.001 2.Chuck adopt independent adsorption holes and much circle ring samples, both independent control, independent adsorption holes can choose below 500 microns in diameter, in the largest size compatible with the use of the 50.8 mm to 50.8 mm, 50 mm 60 mm, 60 mm to 70 mm ceramic piece, and a single small size samples (small size sample size is greater than the absorption pore diameter) at the same time equipped with suction cup fixture, fixture with positioning meet three sizes marked on the porous ceramic pieces of adsorption test.

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