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Methods and procedures of chip failure analysis

Release time:2020-08-27Source: SEMISHARE

Chip failure analysis method:

  1.OM microscope observation and appearance analysis

  2. C-sam (ultrasonic scanner microscope)

  (1) Structure of lattice constant inside the raw materials, residuals, ginseng and sundries, precipitation,

  ((2) Internal cracks. (3) Hierarchical defects. (4) Cracks, bubbles, gaps, etc.

  3. X-ray detects various defects in IC packaging, such as layer disconnection, crack, crack and wiring consistency, defects in PCB soldering, such as poor center or bridging, defects in lead, short circuit fault or abnormal connection, and consistency of tin ball in packaging. (These are the first non-destructive analysis methods used after a chip is invalidated.)

  4.4.SEMsem/EDX kinetic dispersive X-ray apparatus (structural analysis of raw materials/observation of defects, analysis of basic micro area of element composition, specification of side electronic devices)

  5.Take DIE, the laser and acid opener are used in Kaifeng city to remove the shell part of the tested sample (not suitable for porcelain and metal packaging), so as to expose the internal structure of the tested sample.

  6. EMMI low light level microscope /OBIRCH laser beam induced characteristic impedance value transformation detection /LC LIQUID crystal display network hot spot detection (these three belong to the common leakage current path analysis means, and LC relies on probe table and digital oscilloscope to find the network hot spot)

  7.Laser cutting sample making: The control module of laser cutting sample making is used to fix the small sample, so as to facilitate the afterwards test

  8.Layer removal: RIE is used to remove the passivation layer inside the chip to expose the metal material of the next layer of the sample. If the structure of the next layer is to be examined by removing the metal material layer, grinding equipment can be used to remove the layer.

  9.FIB to do some power circuit changes, cut point inspection

  10. The Probe Station prober/Probing Test electrode.

  11.ESD/Latch-up ELECTROSTATIC discharge/latching effect detection (some customers perform these two reliability tests before the chip is injected into the mobile phone client, and some customers think of screening the good film after it is invalid), which has been mentioned for most common methods.

  Nothing but common methods also have some other means of failure analysis, atomic force microscope AFM, secondary positive ion mass spectrometry SIMS, aviation tof-sims time mass spectrometry analysis, transmission electron microscopy, TEM, send electron microscopy (sem), send the scanner auger electrode, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS, L - I - V test system software, the kinetic energy damage many means such as X-ray microanalysis system software, but this new project is not very common.

  Failure analysis of China software Detection chip

  Chip failure analysis process:

  1.I usually do a physical first to see if there's crack or Burnt mark or anything else;

  2.Non-destructive analysis: The key is xRay -- look at the internal configuration, ultrasonic scanner microscope (C-SAM)-- see without delaminaTIon, these;

  3.Electrical measuring system: key special tools, IV, digital multimeter, digital oscilloscope, SONY TEK370B;

  4.Destructive analysis: Mechanical equipment DECAP, organic chemistry DECAP chip opener

  Chip failure analysis Laboratory details:

  Analysis communication soft detection, intelligent household product testing laboratories can according to the international, China and the national standards for testing work, from the bottom of the chip to actually goods, from physics to the logic of a full range of testing work, produce the wireless chip preparation processing, side channel attack, attack, invasion type attack, natural environment, the working voltage flash attack, electromagnetic induction introduction, rays, introducing, physical security and logical security, function and compatibility mode and introduce a little bit more laser safety testing services, in addition to simulation reproduce the situation of smart home products is invalid, The failure analysis and detection service items for the cause of invalidation were found, including point-pin service center, RIE, EMMI, X-ray detection, FIB system software and other detection experiments. Maintain quality assessment and analysis of intelligent products, and show quality commitment for chip, embedded software and application of precision machinery products.

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