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High And Low Temperature Vacuum Probe Station

Product Overview

CG launched series is the first domestic company independent research and development of high and low temperature vacuum prober, in ultra high vacuum, automatic control, laser simulation plays a SEMISHARER unique technical advantages, is an innovative SEMISHARE technology accumulated for years.

Basic Information

Product numberCG-O-4working environmentHigh and low temperature vacuum environment
electricity demandAC220V,50~60HZControl methodManual Probe Station
Product Size1100mm*1100mm*530mmequipment weightAbout 190 kg

Application direction

Chip test LD/LED/PD test Optical fiber spectral characteristics Test MATERIAL/device IV/CV characteristics Test Hall test electromagnetic transport characteristics high frequency characteristics test, etc.

Technical characteristics

Vacuum Chamber

Vacuum chamber adopts double shielding cavity and external cavity structure, to provide the sample test of extreme pressure of 10-4 pa vacuum environment (when using molecular pump) to test the low temperature, avoid the water vapor in the air condenses into dew on samples, to avoid excessive leakage or probe cannot contact electrode and make the test to fail at the same time, due to the vacuum thermal insulation effect but effective provide refrigeration efficiency, high temperature test, to avoid the oxygen in the air oxidation samples, to avoid the sample electrical error on the physical and mechanical deformation.

Probe arm XYZ regulating mechanism

The XYZ adjusting mechanism of the probe arm adopts the structure of self-locking lead screw and cross roller guide rail to achieve the precise positioning of the probe at 10um. The probe drift is better than the high-precision point needle of 60nm/30mins. Meanwhile, the three-axis tubular clamp and the three-axis cable with high shielding function are adopted to achieve the leakage test accuracy of 50FA.

Microscope regulating mechanism

By adjusting the telescopic height of the support frame and the adjustable seat of the microscope, the microscope regulating mechanism can observe the 20x eyepiece and 0.8-5 times the zoom ratio of the objective lens in any area of the sample, so as to realize the magnification ratio of the sample of 16X-100x.

Refrigerant flow regulation system

The refrigerant regulating system is composed of the pressure control valve of compressed nitrogen in the duwa tank and the needle valve of precise regulation to control the low temperature. The pressure in the duwa tank can be adjusted by adjusting the pressure control valve of compressed nitrogen pressure, so as to control the pressure flowing out of the refrigerant and then adjust the flow rate of refrigerant.By adjusting the precision needle valve and then precise control of refrigeration flow, the function of accurate low temperature control is finally realized.

Refrigerant Coaxial Loop

Refrigerant coaxial circuit of the refrigerant from the middle line into the sample set, through the shielding cavity bottom chamber, in return to the outer coaxial loop back tube, finally through the vent discharge to outdoor refrigerant coaxial circuit makes the refrigerants in the process of discharge to exploit, to create a relatively much lower room temperature environment, inhibits into sample sets of refrigerant consumption in advance, so as to improve the efficiency of refrigerant in the refrigeration, less consumption of refrigerant.

Shockproof Platform

Shockproof system USES the import of South Korea's big companies air spring type brace shockproof platform by the shape of the air spring material spring chamber volume and aid tank capacity damping aperture and level regulator and a series of suspension design, to realize the system intrinsic frequency is 1.5 Hz, vertical level of the eigen frequency of 1.2 Hz low natural frequency, load bearing of 400 kg of excellent bearing capacity effectively avoid small to test the vibration of low frequency band.

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