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    Product Customization

    Product Customization

    TMCS provides a full range of customized services

    SEMISHARE is a brand that can truly provide customized products in the Chinese market. No matter you are a research institution, a research institute, a chip design company, a wafer factory, a sealed test factory, a panel factory, etc., we can provide a full range of customized services according to your needs.

    We are committed to through the systematic comprehensive integration of resources, and relying on the powerful r&d team and factory to ensure the foundation, as a systematic solution provider, in China's development in the field of semiconductor testing market, now we have product base industry technical experience and many success stories, can fully meet the market customers, all increase the application requirements.

    Modular structure designUPStart

    The modular structure design of UPStart is to provide customers with an economical and reasonable equipment purchase guidance scheme. Customers can make targeted module configuration according to the functions they currently need, without paying more for the functions they do not need temporarily. More importantly, UPStart can adapt to the structural design, fully considering the potential needs of customers in the future. Whenever the customer's test environment and test requirements are enhanced, increased or changed, the customer can also carry out on-site upgrading at any time to adapt to the new requirements.

    Therefore, the modular design of UPStart aims to not only help customers purchase the right equipment, but also better reduce the budget and the purchase cost of the equipment in the early stage.

    UPStart adaptive structure design has the following characteristics:

    Simple installation: complete modular configuration, customers can quickly assemble;

    Support application upgrade: basic modules - chuck, microscope system, optical components, pins, fixtures, etc., can be upgraded and replaced, and more parts can be added to achieve more test application functions;

    Support automation upgrade: can be used as a single application system or multiple applications;

    Single machine multiple applications: various wafer measurement applications, LD/LED/PD testing, PCB/ package device testing, internal circuit/electrode /PAD testing, RF, HF, HIGH voltage/high current testing, etc.

    Product customization
    • T (technology)

      Technology-oriented to provide more accurate solutions, with a high degree of independent research and development and product and design capabilities, to develop products to meet customer needs.

      More than 100 technology patents

      100% targeted solutions

      1V1 technical project team support

    • M——Module

      To provide customized module products to meet customers' regular needs, modular products greatly reduce the loss of products in the process of assembly and transportation, and improve productivity and delivery efficiency, to reduce costs for customers.

      • Micropositioner
      Probe Clamp/Probe
      Vacuum Pump
      Shockproof System
    • C——360 Full Customization

      We provide a full range of personalized customized services, we provide from technical solutions, to the development of technology, until the final production of comprehensive development services.

      Service process: customer consultation > confirm demand > provide customized solution > customer evaluation solution > business cooperation > transfer to production > acceptance delivery > tracking service

      Independent factories to speed up production efficiency

      Strict quality control guarantee

    • S——service

      7*24h response to customer needs through professional FAE support and local test team. Assist customers to find and solve problems in advance in laboratory measurement and mass production, fully verify product compatibility and reliability, assist customers to smoothly introduce mass production, and ensure product quality.

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