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SEMISHARE warmly congratulates Huatian Technology (Jiangsu) on the successful arrival of the first batch of equipment and the successful holding of the 3# factory groundbreaking ceremony!

Release time:2023-10-20Source: SEMISHARE

Warm congratulations to Huatian Technology (Jiangsu)

 for the successful arrival of the first batch of equipment into the factory

In order to promote the development of the integrated circuit industry and improve the strategic layout, on October 18, Huatian Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. successfully held the first batch of equipment entering the factory and the groundbreaking ceremony of the 3# factory. Sammy Xieer was honored to witness and participate in the scene. This historic moment on the high-quality development path of Huatian Technology also heralds that China's integrated circuit industry will achieve new breakthroughs in the field of packaging and testing!

The arrival of the first batch of equipment into the factory also means that Huatian Technology (Jiangsu)'s wafer-level advanced packaging and testing base, which invested tens of billions, has taken a key step from the construction period to the production and operation period. After the project reaches production, it is expected to have annual sales revenue of 7 billion yuan. , with a total profit of 1 billion yuan, will further expand Huatian's wafer-level advanced packaging and testing scale, help Huatian Technology become the world's largest wafer-level packaging supplier with monthly production capacity, create a new highland for China's advanced packaging, and help China's "core" breakthrough .


Huatian Technology    SEMISHARE

The first batch of equipment imported by Huatian Technology (Jiangsu) this time also includes the A-series fully automatic wafer probe station independently developed and produced by SEMISHARE ! This is not only a great achievement of the strong alliance and sincere cooperation between Sammy Xieer and Huatian Technology, but also marks a new level of industrial cooperation between the two parties! We will be driven by technological innovation and continue to provide customers with accurate, stable and efficient wafer-level testing solutions, improve yield rates and reduce testing costs, and help the development of the integrated circuit industry!


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