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SEMISHARE brought the X12 upgraded semi-automatic prober to the Chongqing Semiconductor Exposition to empower chip testing

Release time:2021-04-30Source: SEMISHARE

For the highly competitive new chip product market, better production rate and stronger supply capacity have always been key factors for semiconductor companies to win the favor of customers.

According to the "rule of ten times" in electronic system failure detection,If a fault in a chip is not found during chip testing, the cost of finding the fault at the circuit board (PCB) level is ten times that of the chip level.

The front-end inspection process is of vital importance to chip manufacturing.The success or failure of the foundry depends on the proportion of quality products.The proportion of high-quality products that does not meet the standard will significantly affect the costs and benefits of manufacturers.It is estimated that the proportion of high-quality products decreases by one percentage point,Foundry manufacturers will lose 1-8 million US dollars.

Prober is mainly used in semiconductor industry, optoelectronic industry, integrated circuit and packaging testing.In order to ensure the quality and reliability, and reduce the development time and the cost of the device manufacturing process.

The global prober market reached 5.3 billion yuan in 2019,expected to reach 9.8 billion yuan in 2026.The compound annual growth rate is 10.0%.The Chinese wafer prober market is the fastest growing market in the world,but the external dependence is too high.

SEMISHARE Technology has been exploring how to deliver more stable signals from precision instruments to the wafer surface in order to achieve more accurate measurement results.SEMISHARE Technology is committed to providing customers with high-performance wafer prober and test solutions.

X12 upgraded semi-automatic prober super advantage:

The industry's most efficient chuck test system operating speed

Test running speed>70mm/s,motion accuracy 1μm

-60~300super wide test temperature range

The highest wide test temperature range and test accuracy in the industry.It can match a variety of test application environments

High-performance airtight dark room effectively shields EMI

Shielded cavity realization:Leakage≤±10fA@-65~+125

Beautiful craft design

SEMISHARE Technology has determined to take root in the semiconductor industry from the beginning of its establishment,promote the overall development of the semiconductor industry.We pay attention to the market, pay more attention to the needs of each customer, and strive to ensure that customers' time and input and output are maximized.From May 6th to May 8th, 2021, we meet at the Chongqing Exposition of the Global Semiconductor Industry,Address: Chongqing International Exposition Center. SEMISHARE Technology Booth:N8-T18.We are looking forward to your visit.

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