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    LCD/OLED Panel Laser Repair System

    Product Overview

    LCD series laser repair equipment is a kind of repair equipment to repair the defects and defects in the production process of display screen, so as to improve the yield of the process.With the leading machine vision system of SEMISHARE as the core, the equipment can provide high-precision and low-cost solutions for the defects of LCD finished products and semi-finished products, so as to improve the business efficiency to a greater extent.

    Basic Information

    Product number LCD-70 working environment Open type
    electricity demand 220V,50~60Hz Control method Full-Automatic
    Product Size 2000mm long *1500mm wide *2000mm high equipment weight About 2000 kg

    Application direction

    OLED/LCD panel within 20 "55" and 70 "highlights and abnormal repair.

    Technical characteristics

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    Model LCD series
    Model LCD-70 LCD-55 LCD-20
    Dimension L : 2000mm*
    W : 1500mm*
    H : 2000mm
    L : 1500mm*
    W : 1300mm*
    H : 1500mm
    L : 1200mm*
    W : 800mm*
    H : 1500mm
    Weight (about) 2500KG 1200KG 120KG
    Electricity Demand 220V, 50~60Hz
    Gantry X-Y move range 1600mm * 1000mm 650mm * 550mm fixed
    Resolution 1um 1um 1um
    Sample platform The sample platform is Fixed in the Gantry design X-Y travel range 8" * 8"
    Light source Top light and bottom light
    Microscope Travel range 1600mm * 1000mm * 50mm 650mm * 550mm * 50mm z axis travel : 50mm
    CCD pixel 50W (Analog) / 200W (Digital) / 500W (Digital)
    Eyepiece 10X Eyepiece
    Objective lens Configuration objective: 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X,100X (optional)
    Objective changer Motorized turret nosepiese unit Manual /  Motorized turret nosepiese unit Manual nosepiese unit
    Focus Motor-driven Maunal or Motor-driven Manual
    Wavelength Wavelength selectable: 1064 / 532 / 355 / 266nm
    Energy Output power : 2.2mJ / pulse
    Machining capability Machinable materialCR / Al / ITO / NI / TFT / RGB / Poly Silicon / MO / SIN / CF internal impurities, etc.
    Machining  accuracy Minimum machinable accuracy 1*1μm (when configuring 100X lens)
    Cooling-down method Air-cooled laser or Water-cooled laser (Optional)
    Control system Principle

    The precision numerical control system is using high-end motion control

    card, servo drive system to realize the arbitrary movement curve in x-y-z.

    High precision lead screw drive,

    1 micron resolution


    The speed is adjustable in 4 gears , each speed can be defined , the

    lowest speed is 1μm, the maximum speed is not lower than 20cm/s

    Manual control

    The software system can realize light

    source control, objective lens switch,

    focusing, platform control, image

    adjustment,laser size,energy,mode

    control etc. Can realize movement

    by click in image,custem defined

    tracking, coordinate storage,

    fixed distance movement etc.

    PLC, servo motor control Manual control
    Anti-vibration Vibration free table installed
    Optional Accessories control box with joystick
    Special LCD laser repair lens
    Special customization

    Repair the defects of LCD/OLED panels

    under 70 inches, bright dots, bright

    lines,abnormal display, etc.

    Repair the defects of panels under

    55 inches, bright dots, bright lines,

    abnormal display, etc.

    Repair the defects of LCD/OLED

    panels under20 inches, bright dots,

    bright lines, abnormal display, etc.

    Stable repair results Repair defects in panel production
    Super-fast repair speed Bright dot / Bright line / Dark line / Cross line etc fault defect repair
    High - precision control platform Selective remove specific materials without damaging the underlayer
    Feature-rich software Laser minimum machining accuracy 1*1μm
    Minimal damage up to 120 inches panel

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    0755-2690 6952 turn 801/804/806/814

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