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    CEO'S Message

    CEO'S Message

    Sailing 2020, We are determined to overcome all difficulties

    Dear colleagues and friends:

    Golden Rat dance for the New Year!On the occasion of the New Year of rat, on behalf of SEMISHARE Technology, I would like to extend New Year greetings and sincere wishes to all leaders and friends who have always cared for and supported our company's growth, to all employees who work hard in all positions of the company, and to our family members and compatriots who silently support us.

    I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year!

    Looking back on the past year of 2019, it is a year of steady development of the company. All the employees have made steady progress in various work despite difficulties, and the overall coordinated development of the company has created a good situation of sustained, steady and scientific development of the company.

    In the past year, the scale of the enterprise has been steadily increased and the process of large-scale development has been accelerated.The opening of the new factory has further improved our manufacturing skills.

    In this year, the standardized system has been implemented and achieved remarkable results. The management level has also been significantly improved, the staff has been enriched and developed, and all departments have also achieved good results, which has laid a good foundation for our future enterprise development.

    In this year, the level of product and technological innovation has been constantly improved, among which the independently developed X series probe platform products have performed well in the market, and the cooperative relationship with domestic key well-known enterprises has been further strengthened and the market sales share has been increasing year by year.

    This year, the company's management system reform has been implemented, through the equity incentive has completed the first step of the share reform, our employees to share the results and the concept of value sharing has been phased implementation.

    This year is the year of endeavor is also our pride for 2020, we are full of expectation, however, as everyone prepares to celebrate the Spring Festival, the core of central China city of wuhan, an outbreak of severe pneumonia virus pneumonia erosion motherland rapidly, currently has ten thousand people infected and a lot of travel of the nation's stagnant company quickly responded to an appeal by the state and delayed start, need in the home office, actively organize employee fundraising, cheer for wuhan in my mind, with actions to ward off the virus.

    The brand new 2020 is another crucial year for us to set sail to create our dreams.

    Facing a complex environment, we need to have a clear direction, strengthen confidence and make concerted efforts to speed up development. We need to do our priorities well.

    1. technology-driven, continue to strengthen and enhance the level of technology research and development capabilities, and toward the synchronization of global research and development technology capabilities.

    2. Strengthen brand publicity and promotion to consolidate the leading position of Semiconductor probe table technology of Senmier brand in China.

    3. Expand the scale of the company, further strengthen the establishment of the company process, improve the execution, and make the company run more efficiently.

    4. Further improve the construction of the cadre team and the quality of the staff, constantly improve the internal systems of the enterprise, introduce external training, and continuously promote the innovation of the system and mechanism.

    In 2020, we will pay close attention to the industrial focus, focus on intensive development as the core, take active innovation as the driving force of enterprise development, seize the opportunity and work hand in hand, be realistic and pragmatic, strive to achieve the overall optimization of management and operation structure as soon as possible, and make efforts to help Chinese enterprises to manufacture independent leading chips!To create a new brilliant writing career.

    Finally, I wish you all good health and good luck in the year of the Rat.

    Come on Wuhan!Come on!We are united as one, we believe that as long as we work hard, love and hope will spread faster than the virus.

    Thank you all!

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