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    Advanced wafer prober manufacturer

    SEMISHARE is committed to providing customers with high-performance wafer prober and semiconductor test technology solutions.At present,we have served more than 1,000 universities and research institutes, FAB factories, panel factories and other companies worldwide.As one of China’s leading semiconductor test equipment provider,SEMISHARE has many successful technical cases and experiences in the field of semiconductor test.

    In lab or FAB,whether it is verification test of chip design, WAT/CP test in manufacturing, or TEG test in panel mass production,various types of prober independently developed by SEMISHARE (manual control type, high and low temperature vacuum type, semi-automatic and fully automatic mass production type, TEG panel type), LCD/OLED laser repair machine and other equipment,can meet the test requirements of scientific research and mass production.

    • Founded in 2009
    • Headquarters China•Shenzhen
    • National High-Tech Enterprise
    • Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise
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