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Talent incentive

Talent incentive

Human resources and property are the three essential elements of enterprise operation and management, among which human resources are the most active and creative factor. In order to fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees and give play to their subjective initiative, we mainly conduct employee motivation from the following aspects.

  • Salary Incentive

    Salary is a kind of explicit measure of labor value and an important indicator that reflects the intrinsic value of employees' ability. The company's salary standard is implemented according to the industry's 90-120 point salary level.

  • Promotion Incentive

    Create a healthy competitive environment in the company, so that those who can stand out in the competition will be promoted and promoted, using management and professional promotion channels.

  • Target Incentive

    For employees, the company goals may be both pressure can also be the power, only in the full communication and understanding, on the basis of the employee's personal goal is subject to the overall goal of the enterprise, a powerful force driving the target incentive will emerge, the company's main target incentive for research and development and sales personnel, such as research and development project prize award of project application, the sales target, etc.

  • Participation Motivation

    Company goal ultimately depends on our employees to actively participate in and support, the company launched a variety of forms allow employees to participate in the internal management of the channel, such as production quality improvement in the technology innovation management innovation activities, to express one's idea, the staff also did improve employee ownership responsibility at the same time, more attention on the development of the company.

  • Training Motivation

    The company regards employee growth as its mission. According to different job levels, the company coordinates three kinds of growth incentive courses, such as staff level: job skill training, vocational qualification training, professional ability improvement training, general skill training, etc.Middle management cadre: Presentation and communication skills, primary strategic planning, MBA study, non-human management, non-financial management, leadership assessment and coaching, etc.Executive: Organizational strategy development discussion Leadership Charm and artistic Leadership Assessment and Executive Coaching EMBA training.

  • Example Inspired

    At the end of each year, the company will hold the annual sales elite selection activities, such as excellent Yutian Star of Excellent Characters, and carry out extensive internal publicity, carry forward the enterprise spirit of dedication and love with them as an example, and encourage other employees to make progress constantly, learn from the advanced and catch up with the advanced.

  • Emotion Encouragement

    In the middle of every month, the company organizes birthday theater for employees.At the end of each quarter, the wedding and childbirth gift packages purchased by the trade union are given to employees through conscious emotional communication, which, to a certain extent, strengthens the emotional connection between the enterprise and employees and stimulates their work enthusiasm.

  • Performance Reward

    Whether enterprises to adopt what kind of incentives are involved in the employee's performance appraisal problems by comparing with evaluation to make, to reward for good work performance employees, mete out punishment for poor performance staff performance appraisal three-fair principles, total monthly examination, according to years directly contacted with the assessment results and income, monthly performance good staff monthly performance wage growth of 50%, annual performance good staff year-end bonus increased by 100%.

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