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H Series Integrated Manual Probe Station

Product Overview

H series is a high-end comprehensive manual test probe configuration, the device has excellent stability and maneuverability, and the test precision are higher than that of the rest of the industry brand, unique pneumatic chuck mobile technology flexible UPStart modular structure design enhance sexual shockproof system, these are all SEMISHARE advanced innovation technology advantage in the industryAt the same time, the equipment can support late expansion and upgrading, to meet the needs of customers for a variety of test applications. No matter now or in the future, when customers' test needs increase or change, the equipment can be reconfigured and upgraded to truly realize multiple applications with one machine. The equipment is very suitable for the one-step budget acquisition and investment of r&d centers and laboratories in universities.

Basic Information

Product numberH6/H8/H12working environmentOpen type
electricity demand220V,50~60HzControl methodManual Probe Station
Product Size1300MM long *920MM wide *920MM highequipment weightAbout 300 kg

Application direction

It is suitable for scientific research and analysis of nano micro devices, spot check and detection, etc., to quickly analyze and test the circuit of the chip on the wafer and judge the product performance by the electrical parameters, and then reduce the loss of the chip defects to the product, so as to improve the yield and carry the rf characteristic test and upgrade and carry the optical fiber spectrum characteristic test.

Technical characteristics

>Chuck Air bearing move technology

Pneumatic type mobile platform has the function of fast moving chuck, can meet the needs of efficient manual test by the corresponding gas float switch, provides three kinds of method of fast moving: one hand control X/Y direction fast moving, hands control samples total plane fast moving traditional ball/bearing type samples can only achieve X/Y axis one-way movement, and movement speed slower;Although the ordinary air-floating sample table can realize full plane rapid movement of the sample table, it cannot realize one-way accurate movement positioning of the X/Y axis, which can meet the needs of production measurement. The 3-weight air-controlled sample table perfectly combines and realizes the above two functions.

>Large handle differential head drive

Chuck the mobile platform is equipped with coarse and fine adjustment function, fine adjustment knob driven by the industry's top Japan Mitutoyo big handle differential head, small compared with the traditional differential head adjustment, feel more comfortable to adjust operation more smoothly and no return bad, really realize super smooth efficient test manually, improve test efficiency, saving the cost of customer tests.

>Microscope air - controlled lifting control

The microscope can rise and fall 50mm by means of air control. The microscope can rise and fall smoothly by means of high quality valve control and fine adjustment of high pressure air inlet and outlet throttling, so as to facilitate the replacement of objective lens and better protect against accidental contact damage between objective lens and fixture in the test.

> Three - stage lifting needle base platform

The needle seat platform can rise and fall rapidly (0,300um,3mm)+ fine adjustment (40mm, moving resolution 2~5um). All parts of Platen can rise and fall at the same time (there is no different phenomenon). After rising and falling, the repeatability of the probe in x, Y and Z directions of needle marks on the pad is better than that of othersThe 1um, repeatable (1 m) needle base platform has three discrete positions for contact, separation (300 m) and loading (3mm) and is equipped with a safety lock to prevent accidental damage to the probe or wafer while providing intuitive control and accurate contact positioning for the most accurate measurement. This function is important in high frequency and high power testing.

> Loadable laser

Multiband laser cutting system can be applied to a load in the vast majority of microscope on the analysis of the failure, can realize precise cutting and selective onlookers level material removal precision and reliable advanced laser transmission system (ABDS) can choose different band to deal with different material cutting and cutting work laser output energy of 2.7 mJ, largest energy adjustable series 300 water cycle cooling structure make the system more compact and dispensing with maintenance.


H series
Model H6 H8 H12
Dimension L: 820mm*
W: 720mm*
H: 890mm
L: 960mm*
W: 850mm*
H: 900mm
L: 1300mm*
W: 920mm*
H: 920mm
Weight (about) 170KG 230KG 300KG
Electricity Demand 220VC, 50~60Hz
Chuck Size & Rotation angle 6", 360° Rotation 8", 360° Rotation 12", 360° Rotation
X-Y Travel range 6" * 6" 8" * 8" 12" * 12"
Moving resolution 1μm
Sample fixed mode Vacuum adsorption
Electrical design Electrical Floating with Banana plug adapter, can be used as a backside electrode
Platen U shape platen 6 micropositioners available 8 micropositioners available 12 micropositioners available
Move range & adjustment mode Platen can be quickly lifted up and down 6mm for fast probe tip seperation
Platen can be fine tuned up and down 25mm precisely with 1μm resolution
Microscope Travel range X-Y axis : 2" * 2",  Z axis : 50.8mm
Moving resolution 1μm
Switching object lens Microscope tilting 30°manually by Lever
Magnification 20~4000X
Lens specification Eyepiece: 10X ; Objective lens : 5X, 10X, 20X, 50X 100Xoption
CCD pixels 50W (Analog) / 200W (Digital) / 500W (Digital)
Micropositioner specification X-Y-Z Travel range 12mm-12mm-12mm / 8mm-8mm-8mm
Mechanical resolution 10μm / 2μm / 0.7μm / 0.1μm
Current leakage accuracy
Coaxial 1pA/V @ 25 ℃; Three shaft 100fA/V @ 25 ℃; Triaxial 10pA@3kv @25°C,Test conditions: dry environment for grounding shield (air dew point lower than - 40 ° C)
Cable connectors Banana head / Crocodile clip /  Coaxial / Triaxial

Wafer test, Photoelectric device test, PCB / IC test, RF test,  high voltage and high

current measurement etc.

Optional Accessories Chuck quick roll out mechanism
Microscope tilt mechanism (Tilting 30° manually by Lever )
Microscope pneumatic lifting mechanism
Laser repair with cutting,ablation and welding function
Probe clamp
Dark field of microscope / DIC / Normarski test, Light intensity / wavelength test
IC hotspot detection by LC
High voltage and high current measurement
Hot chuck
High/Low temprature chuck
Shielding box
Special adapter
Vibration free table
Gold-plated chuck
Coaxial / Triaxial chuck
Chuck quick move-out and fine adjustment mechanism
Chuck rotation fine adjustment
Light intensity / wavelength testing
RF Testing
Active probe
Low current / Capacitance test
Intergartion of intergral sphere
Fixture for Fibre optic coupler test
Fixture of Package IC test
Fixture of PCB test
Special Custom design
Stable structure, Platen can be quick lifted and fine-tuned, Suitable
for probe card installation and usage
Comfortable large handle, Driver Screws: Zero back lash
Compatible with high magnification metallographic microscope Internal circuit/ electrode/ PAD probe
Suitable in University and Research laboratory LD/LED/PD Light intensity / wavelength testing
Up to 12 inch wafer testing IV/CV Characteristic testing of materials / devices
High precision lead screw drive structure, linear movement

High frequency characteristic test of devices

(up to 300GHz frequency)

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